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REPORTS 2013/14



Haddenham A visited Sports B this week needing just 5 sets to win the League for the 5th time running therefore denying the Alan Cherry inspired Bierton team their debut title. And on the stroke of 10.00 pm Mark hit the winning shot to ensure the match was won and with it the title.

The first set was a superb exhibition of hitting from Gary Jones which would have graced any final in suppressing Andy Misseldine's adept mix of fast attack and surprise counter hitting which puts most opponents out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately that was the one highlight of the evening as Sports B were swept aside after that.

The Premier Division comprises a competitive top half with the bottom five teams really staving off relegation. The bottom three teams were relatively much weaker in comparison this season. There is a case for a second or smaller set of Divisions perhaps, but this is something which the Committee has fully considered in the past and found no material answer. The only possible answer is that Clubs should actively source new players and strengthen their lower rated teams to bring ultimate strength to the League as a whole.

Evidence of the chasm in standards was highlighted in the 10-0 loss by Haddenham C to Bierton A. Alan Cherry, Neil Massa and Craig Brown were just too strong for John Paul, Joe Cutler and Mark Penn. Elsewhere Quainton A benefited when Haddenham B fielded only two players with Dave Ralls winning once against Chris Hawkes. Sports A dropped one leg to Kevin Doyle against Ridgeway where Two other games went to 5 legs and several games extended to 4 legs. Sports C took 3 points off Bellingdon with Paul O'Connell and Brian McMullan both getting the better of Jim Welch. Sports C need to beat Quainton A 7-3 in their rearranged fixture to rise above Ridgeway A and save themselves from relegation.

Meanwhile we should all congratulate Champions Haddenham A for managing another Title win in a season which was much closer and produced some excellent table tennis.




With one week to go to the end of the season Haddenham A lead Bierton A by 6 points and look to be the favourites for the Title for the fifth time in succession. Recently both teams have matched each other's performances by dropping crucial points. Bierton unsurprisingly dropped two points against Bellingdon where Lee Rogerson and Jim Welch took single wins and then had to play veteran, Bob Sargeant against Sports C. Despite battling hard they dropped three points in this fixture. Correspondingly Haddenham A faced two man Haddenham B but lost three to top player Tony Gorman and one to the ever improving Jon Abungan. Winning 6 4 here was corrected by an emphatic 10-0 victory against Sports A and another 10-0 win in the rearranged fixture with Sports B. Haddenham will face Sports B in their last match and Bierton will visit Haddenham C. At the bottom Haddenham C are adrift by 16 points and Sports C have it all to do to catch Ridgeway who are 8 points ahead of them. With outstanding fixtures against Quainton and Bellingdon and Ridgeway playing Sports A, anything is possible.


Haddenham or Bierton ?


Haddenham A and Bierton A both faced 2 player oppositions this week and recorded 10-0 wins to keep well ahead of the chasing pack. Mark Penn did his best to stop Haddenham stretching Andy Misseldine to 5 games as did James Mccafferty for Quainton A against Bierton's Neil Massa. Haddenham look to have the advantage over Bierton but still trail by 5 points with a match in hand. Bellingdon in third place recorded a strong win against Sports A with 3 close games in the match. Julian Adams was Sports' sole victor and only lost 14-12 to Lee Rogerson in the fifth game. Jim Welch won 12-10 in the fifth game against Chris Haines and Stuart Brown was victorious 11-7 against Mike Atkinson again in the fifth set. Fourth placed Haddenham B kept the pressure on the leaders with a 10-0 win at Sports B. Meanwhile Sports C and Ridgeway A had a relegation battle which Ridgeway won 6-4, Kevin Doyle winning 3 and Nick Tyler 2 games. Paul O'Connell won twice for Sports.



Matches over the last two weeks have been highly competitive and reflect very high standards in our Premier Division. Teams from the top half of the Division took on teams in the lower half. The results speak for themselves but there really is only a small gap between the players evident from perhaps a lack of consistency in those in the lower teams. It is clear that to win this League flair and consistency is needed week in and week out. Last week Bellingdon gave 2 man Ridgeway little comfort in a 10-0 masterclass, Kevin Doyle not able to stem the flow. Bierton A crushed Sports B 9-1 with Gary Jones winning for Sports but Pete Tillotson scared Craig Brown only losing 11-9 in the fifth set. Sports A kept their C Team at bay with a 10-0 win although Brian McMullan took Mike Atkinson to 5 sets as did Paul O'Connell against Julian Adams. Pete Hargreaves pulled out a 5 set victory for Haddenham C's point in the 9-1 loss to their B Team. Haddenham A faced Quainton A on a cold night at The SAYE and SELE hall winning 8-2 where Andy Misseldine suffered an injury which allowed Dave Ralls and Paul Reynolds to record important wins in their quest to avoid relegation.



With the catch up of scorecards in the last two weeks, Bierton now hold top spot 6 points ahead of Haddenham A who have a match in hand. The competition for this year's title is much closer than in previous seasons.

Of note in the latest matches was an 8 - 2 win for Quainton A in their rearranged match with Sports B. This gives them some breathing space at the bottom of the Premier Division. Dave Ralls was impressive with 3 wins but James McCafferty and Paul Reynolds reversed recent form with two wins each. Ever relaible Dave Wackrill won Sports' points and took Dave Ralls to 4 close sets losing 14-12,16-14,5-11,11-9. It is good to see Phil Chamberlain returning to league match play representing Bellingdon in the 10-0 win at Haddenham C. He is obviously playing himself into some better form beating John Cripps and Mark Penn both over 5 sets.



Haddenham A go into the second half of the season with two strong wins, 7-3 at Bellingdon and 10-0 at home against Ridgeway which puts them 4 points ahead of Bierton A. Their best player over these two matches was the unbeaten Darren Palmer including three 5 set games. The best was against Bellingdon's Lee Rogerson with one set won at 17-15. Bierton, meanwhile dropped 4 points against Haddenham B for whom Tony Gorman was unbeaten. Haddenham are nicely poised in third following a 9-1 defeat of Sports C. Tony again was unbeaten and joined by the ever impressive Jon Abungan, easily one of the most improved players in Aylesbury in the last twelve months. Iain Willcocks snatched a point for Sports to keep them in touch with Quainton and Ridgeway in the bottom four. Nice to see Brian McMullan back for Sports C with a win against Haddenham C.




Bierton A is the only team with a realistic chance of matching Premier Division Leaders, Haddenham A at the halfway stage of the season. Both teams have 71 points from 9 matches. With wins of 7-3 over Bellingdon and 8-2 against their B Team, Haddenham A try to sneak ahead little by little each week. Bierton recorded a 6-4 win at Bellingdon with Alan Cherry undefeated and 8 2 at Sports C where Duane Brooks was undone by Terry Lau and Iain Willcocks, but pulled level with a thumping 10 - 0 defeat of Haddenham C. The best performance of the last two weeks, however,must go to Jon Abungan who was Haddenham B's only representative against Haddenham A, due to illness and holidays. He outhit Andy Misseldine over 3 sets and Mark Scott over 5 sets to take two crucial points for his 4 th placed team. Normal service was resumed when Haddenham B hosted Ridgeway A with Chris Hawkes, Anthony Gorman and Sanga Quamina winning 10-0. Haddenham C and Sports C occupy the bottom two places in this highly competitive division.




Haddenham A have kept the pressure on their Premier Division title rivals with 10-0 defeats of Haddenham C and Sports C in the last two weeks whilst second placed Bierton took 9-1 wins against Ridgeway A and Quainton A, Kevin Doyle and Dave Ralls winning points for their respective teams. Three points now separate Haddenham A and Bierton A with Haddenham B on 42 points in third place. The Haddenham B team faced stern opposition in Sports A, but Tony Gorman was resilient against Mike Atkinson, John Cooper and Chris Haines beating all three Sports players. Chris Haines beat Jon Abungan in 5 sets as did Mike Atkinson to keep the result down to a 6 4 win for Haddenham. The Sports B team also provided a stern test for Haddenham B in losing 6 4. New Haddenham player, Chris Smith, won twice along with Jon and Chris Hawkes managed one win, but Thai Lieu and Tim Cheek also won twice for Sports. The Sports B team have dragged themselves into mid table with a 10 0 defeat of bottom team Haddenham C, Gary Jones, Tim Cheek and Dave Wackrill all unbeaten. Best Haddenham player was Pete Hargreaves who lost 9-11 in the fifth set to Gary.

Lower down the Division Sports C lost a relegation battle 3-7 against Ridgeway, despite Terry Lau winning twice. Terry was on the cusp of taking a maximum but lost 9-11 in the fifth set to Kevin Doyle who was unbeaten on the night. Nick Tyler took two wins for Ridgeway. Quainton A had a single point from the visit to Bellingdon, courtesy of Dave Ralls winning in three sets against Jim Welch.




The Premier Division continues to be a titanic struggle between the top 5 teams. Haddenham A suffered their first loss for 4 years at the hands of Alan Cherry, John Bayliss and Neil Massa representing Bierton Sports with Alan taking a prized maximum. The 6-4 loss did not allow Haddenham B to claim the lead in the Division as they came unstuck 6 4 against Bellingdon despite a strong maximum from Anthony Gorman. Bellingdon's Lee Rogerson has enjoyed some spectacular results also lately being unbeaten in the rearranged fixture with Haddenham A who ran out victors, 6-4, thanks to doubles from Andy Misseldine, Darren Palmer and Mark Scott.

Whilst Bierton relished the much prized victory against Haddenham A, the same three Bierton players, fell 6 4 at The Stoke Mandeville Stadium against Haddenham B. Alan Cherry managed 1 win, losing in 5 sets to Sanga Quamina and Jeff Rigby, but by contrast, John Bayliss was unbeaten this time.

Elsewhere, Terry Lau won twice for Sports C against Sports B including a 5 set thriller with old foe, Dave Wackrill. The B Team ran out 6-4 winners thanks to Tim Cheek's maximum. Pete Hargreaves played exceptionally for Haddenham C winning his team's two points against Sports A. Pete won a see-saw game in 5 sets with Chris Haines and outshone Julian Adams in 4 sets. Nick Hansell was unbeaten for Sports. Quainton A have started gaining some ground with an 8 2 defeat of 2 man Ridgeway A. James McCafferty was unbeaten for Quainton.




The top teams in The Premier Division went for strength against the teams from the lower half of the Division this week. Bierton played Alan Cherry, Jon Bayliss and Neil Massa in their 10-0 triumph at Sports B despite Gareth Jones and Dave Wackrill extending Neil to 5 sets. The usual suspects from Haddenham A, Andy Misseldine, Mark Scott and Darren Palmer eclipsed Quainton A 10-0 with Dave Ralls taking Darren close in 4 sets. Stuart Brown, Lawrence Chamberlain and Jim Welch managed a 8-2 defeat of two man Ridgeway A for whom Kevin Doyle took the scalps of Stuart and Jim. Haddenham B have recruited British League player, Sanga Quamina and together with Chris Hawkes and Jon Abungan they fended off Haddenham C 10-0 enjoying some good rallies with Mark Penn, retrieving from distance. Finally Sports A trio, Nick Hansell, Mike Atkinson and Chris Haines beat Sports C 9-1 for whom Terry Lau caused some uncomfortable moments, taking a win against Chris Haines. 8 of the games in this encounter went to 4 or more legs. All of which means that Haddenham A and B lead the way on 20 points with Bierton A and Sports A on 19 points and Bellingdon in close attendance on 18 points.




Five teams have started well in this season's league competition. Champions Haddenham A, Haddenham B and Bellingdon have recorded 10-0 wins in their first matches with Sports A level with them on 10 points after 2 games. Bierton have 9 points from their defeat of 2 man Sports A with Mark Croucher and Neil Massa unbeaten. This season will be one of the most competitive seen in recent years as other clubs will try to oust Haddenham A from their perch.

New boys, Haddenham C fared well with a draw against Sports C but then came undone against the all firing Bellingdon trio of Jim Welsh, Lawrence Chamberlain and Lee Rogerson. Past top premier player, John Paul recorded 2 wins on his return to the Aylesbury League against Sports. The strengthened Sports B team have started with a confident looking 6-4 win against Ridgeway A with Gary Jones, Pete Tillotson and Tim Cheek all taking doubles. Kevin Doyle had two wins for Ridgeway.




Haddenham A are Premier Champions in Aylesbury Vale following another unbeaten season. This year the gap between them and second placed Bierton is 37 points, but the matches this time have been very competitive between the top teams. Individually Mark Scott, Andy Misseldine and Darren Palmer are all in the top ten having represented their team in every match. The last match against Bierton A was testament to some high standard table tennis. Bierton's new signing, John Bayliss, inflicted rare defeats on Andy and Mark but came unstuck against the flair of Darren Palmer. The players matched each other with the result looking like a draw. But Andy and Mark were able to grab a 6 4 win beating John and Neil Massa 3 0 in the doubles. Alan Cherry and John won twice for Bierton with Darren and Mark doing likewise for Haddenham. This was a high quality match played in good spirit and sealed Haddenham's title for the fourth year running.

In other matches Sports A grabbed third place with a 10 0 beating of Sports D and Haddenham B held on to 4 th place winning 8 2 against Quainton A, for whom James McCafferty won twice. Bellingdon were a mere 3 points behind winning 7 3 at Sports C. Ridgeway kept a mid table spot winning at Sports B 7 3 where Pete Tillotson played well for 2 wins and partnered Nick Cresswell to a fine doubles win. This left Sports C languishing in second bottom place with a creditable 50 points for the season.


Haddenham A Champions for fourth year


It's all over in the Premier Division with Haddenham A 35 points ahead of second placed Bierton A with only one match left which is between these top two. Lately Haddenham have eclipsed Sports B and also Sports A with 10 0 wins showing that Andy Misseldine, Mark Scott and Darren Palmer have outrun their challengers finishing strongly in the run to the end of the season, something they have successfully achieved in the past three seasons. Bierton have taken the runners up spot this season, being 11 points ahead of Haddenham B and Sports A following 7 3 wins at Sports and Bellingdon courtesy of two maximums from Alan Cherry. Haddenham B were undone by Kevin Doyle in the drawn fixture at Ridgeway despite Chris Hawkes' best efforts. Chris won against Nick Tyler and Steve Allen and lost 11 8 to Kevin in the fifth set. Sports C continue to chase their B Team in an effort to avoid relegation and came away with an 8 2 win against two man Quainton A. Rob Culverhouse was man of the match. Whilst this result was good for the C Team, the B Team also won 8 2 against bottom of the Division, Sports D, maintaining the gap between C and B at 6 points with one match to go.


Watch out Sports B


Bierton continued to strengthen their claims for the runners up spot in the Premier Division with a 7-3 defeat of Sports A. Alan Cherry and John Bayliss were unbeaten for Bierton but Nick Hansell, Julian Adams and Chris Haines overcame Neil Massa despite his efforts in taking Julian to 5 sets. This win puts Bierton 4 points ahead of Sports who remain 5 points ahead of Haddenham B who routed Sports D 10-0. Bellingdon are keeping pace with Haddenham on 102 points after their 9 - 1 win against two man Quainton A. James McCafferty took Quainton's point with a five set thriller against Jim Welch. Whilst Haddenham A continued their march to the title with a 10-0 win at Sports B, Sports C showed considerable improvement by drawing against Ridgeway B, leaving the Sports C team a mere 6 points behind their B Team. Iain Willcocks is showing the form that he is capable of by beating Dawn Pearce and Nick Tyler and only losing to Steve Allen 12-10 in the fifth set.

Resurgent Bierton


Alan Cherry strengthened the Bierton A challenge this week joining forces with Jon Bayliss and Duane Brooks to crush Sports B 9 1, thus regaining second place in the Premier Division. Tim Cheek took the point for Sports beating Duane in four sets. Meanwhile Haddenham A won 8 2 comfortably against their B Team where Jason Tustain won well against Mark Scott and Jon Abungan took a prestigious point beating Darren Palmer. Quainton A held Ridgeway A to a draw despite the efforts of Ridgeway's undefeated Kevin Doyle. Dave Ralls and James McCafferty each won twice for Quainton but Steve Allen supported Kevin with one win and joined up with him to take the doubles in 5 sets.

The bottom of the table clash went in Sports C's favour, 7-3, despite the valiant efforts of Nick Gourley, David Badham and Malcolm Burr for Sports D. At the start of game 8 the C Team were ahead 4 3 and won the last two singles over 5 sets. David Badham led Rob Culverhouse 2 0 only for Rob to change his game and find a way back into the last three sets. Similarly, Malcolm led Iain Willcocks 2 0 and continued to pressure Iain in a fast and furious game which Iain took 12 -10 in the fifth set. The doubles went to the C Team 11-9,11-9,11-9.


Fight on for second


In a week that saw Haddenham A further extend their lead in the Premier Division to 26 points with a 10 0 win at Sports C, the teams left in their wake have been left to fight for second place. Sports A have the spot at the moment 4 points ahead of Bierton A following their defeat of Sports B 9 1. Tim Cheek put a spoke in their cause by recording a win against Dave Wackrill in three sets. Pete Tillotson almost doubled the B Team's points but lost 11-13 in the fifth set to Dave. Man of the match for Bierton at Haddenham B was Jon Bayliss with a maximum which included a 12 -10 win in the fifth set against Jason Tustain. Bierton, however, went down 6 4 losing precious ground and allowing fourth placed Haddenham B to close the gap in the second place competition. Chris Hawkes joined Jason with two wins for Haddenham. There was a ferocious mid table battle between Ridgeway A and Bellingdon. Stuart Brown was unbeaten for Bellingdon but team mate, Jim Welsh, dropped games to Nick Tyler and Kevin Doyle. Steve Allen won a five set battle with Lawrence Chamberlain but Bellingdon ran out 6 4 winners despite losing the doubles to Nick and Kevin in three sets. Dave Ralls and James McCafferty were imperious in their 7-3 defeat of Sports D but had to give three points away with the absence of Paul Reynolds at the last moment.


Haddenham A 24 points ahead


The Haddenham A Team is sprinting away with the title for this season, being 24 points ahead of second placed, Bierton A. Both Bierton and Sports A dropped vital points this week but they are the main contenders, at present, for the runners up spot. Sports were held to a draw by Tony Gorman and Jason Tustain for Haddenham B. Nick Hansell enjoyed a good match only just being denied by Tony in the fifth leg. Bierton scraped a 6 4 win against Sports C thanks mainly to the unbeaten Jon Bayliss. Rob Culverhouse and Brian McMullan had two wins each for an improved Sports C. Whilst Haddenham A trounced two man Quainton A 10 0, Ridgeway A had an emphatic 9 1 win at Sports D, despite Malcolm Burr's win against Steve Allen and Nick Gourley's attempts in his 5 set loss to Kevin Doyle.


Runners up spot for grabs


Whilst Haddenham A strengthened their hold on top spot in the Premier Division with a 10 0 win at two man Ridgeway, Sports A and Bierton A lost further ground with 6 4 wins. Both teams have 85 points and have Haddenham B and Bellingdon breathing down their necks in the battle for runners up spot. Dave Ralls undid Bierton with two wins supported by a win for James McCafferty against Duane Brooks. Alan Cherry kept Bierton winning with a maximum. Sports A were upset when their C Team stole 4 points mainly thanks to a good maximum from Rob Culverhouse. Brian McMullan supported with a win against Dave Wackrill. Haddenham B won 9 1 against Sports B where Tim Cheek was the sole success for the Sports Team and Nick Gourley earned a point for bottom team, Sports D, when he won a five set thriller against Bellingdon's Keith Slipper.

Haddenham march on


Sports A hauled themselves up to equal second place with a 10-0 thrashing of Quainton A in the last round of results. Dave Ralls tried to take a point against Mike Atkinson losing 11 7 in the fifth leg but Nick Hansell, Mike and Chris Haines were imperious on the night. Quainton had a tough week also losing 10 0 to Lawrence Chamberlain, Lee Rogerson and Jim Welch from Bellingdon with much closer games. James McCafferty nearly stole a point for Quainton just losing to Lawrence Chamberlain 13-11 in the fifth leg. Haddenham A marched on with a 10-0 destruction of bottom placed Sports D and are now 16 points ahead of Bierton A and Sports A. In other matches there were maximums for John Bayliss and Neil Massa from Bierton, Tim Cheek and Pete Tillotson for Sports B and a fine unbeaten performance from Haddenham B's Jason Tustain in beating the Bellingdon trio of Stuart Brown, Lawrence Chamberlain and Lee Rogerson.


Bellingdon show belief


Bellingdon stopped the Haddenham A juggernaut last week restricting them to a 6 4 win and allowing Bierton A the chance to reduce Haddenham's lead. These two top teams did not enjoy their usual overwhelming success, however. For Haddenham Andy Misseldine lost close 5 set encounters with Stuart Brown and Lawrence Chamberlain but won, again in 5 sets, against Lee Rogerson who gained a three set win over Mark Scott. Darren Palmer showed good form for Haddenham with three strong wins against the Bellingdon players. Bierton could not take full advantage of this Haddenham lapse, winning 8 2 against bottom team, Sports D. David Badham and Malcolm Burr both recorded wins against Alex Pratt but Neil Massa and Duane Brooks kept the Bierton team afloat with fine performances. Elsewhere Rob Culverhouse was the sole winner for Sports C in their 9 1 loss against Haddenham B who are in 4 th place. Kevin Doyle restricted Sports A to an 8 2 victory with wins against Nick Hansell and Julian Adams (11-9 in the fifth set against Nick), then lost 11-8 in the fifth set to Chris Haines. Sports A are well placed in third place just 3 points behind Bierton. Quainton A had a 9 1 victory against 2 man Sports B although Pete Tillotson took Dave Ralls and Paul Reynolds to 5 sets.


Haddenham A strengthen lead

Leading by 14 points from Bierton A and unbeaten at the halfway stage, the Haddenham A trio of Mark Scott, Andy Misseldine and Darren Palmer are on target to retain their Premier Division Title. They strengthened their position with a 7 3 win against Bierton in the last league week before Christmas, with all three players taking doubles. John Bayliss shone for Bierton beating Mark and Darren and Neil Massa inflicted the first defeat for Andy in Aylesbury this season. Neil had three tight wins only dropping one set, albeit 11 -2. Andy recovered to take Mick Wilkins in 4 sets and then John 11 4 in the fifth set of the last rubber. Third placed Sports A won 10 0 against their D Team, with David Badham testing Dave Wackrill, losing 11 -7 in the fifth set. Haddenham B in fourth place ground out an 8 2 win at Quainton A with Chris Hawkes taking a five set thriller against Dave Ralls, 11 -9 in the last set. Tony Gorman was unbeaten and Jon Abungan won twice. Dave just managed to beat Jon 12 10 in the fifth set.

At the bottom of the table Sports C had a mix up on the home night at Bellingdon, please note they play on Tuesdays, and only Rob Culverhouse turned up for them. He won against Aaron Taylor to allow his team to move just a bit further ahead of bottom placed Sports D. The Sports B team fielded Milton Keynes based Thai Lieu for the first time against Ridgeway A who only had two players. Thai managed a five set victory against Nick Tyler but found Kevin Doyle too strong on the night. Sports could not add to the single win and with the 3 points received lost 6 4.


Watch out for Haddenham B


Sports A versus Haddenham A last week proved to be an enthralling contest. Andy Misseldine was unassailable winning all his games apparently reasonably comfortably against Danny Baxter, Chris Haines and Julian Adams. Darren Palmer and Mark Scott had tougher matches with Mark losing out to Danny 12-10 in the fifth set and Darren managing a five set victory against Chris. Haddenham's victory 7 3 keeps them 10 points ahead of Bierton A who lost ground in a 7 3 loss at home to mid table Bellingdon. New signing Jim Welsh won 3 five set encounters supporting Lee Rogerson who also recorded a maximum. Watch out for Haddenham B, 9 1 winners against Ridgeway A who were one player short on the night. Haddenham have crept into fourth place and will be looking to emulate last season's second place. Teams in the lower echelons had better success with Sports C taking 4 points off Quainton A. A good all round performance could well have earned them a draw. Rob Culverhouse starred again with a prestigious victory against Dave Ralls winning 11 8 in the fifth set. Iain Willcocks showed his potential with a 3 1 win against James McCafferty. By notchin g up 4 points they have moved off the bottom ahead of club mates, Sports D, who lost out to Sports B 8 2 with Nick Gourley and Malcolm Burr taking single wins.


Haddenham A continue the charge


Sports A lost a little ground this week when only two players, John Cooper and Chris Haines, turned out against Bierton A. John won their points in the 8 2 loss, losing only to John Bayliss. Neil Massa and Mike Wilkins were Bierton's other successes. Meanwhile Haddenham A maintained steady progress away from the rest with a 10 0 win against Sports B. This puts them 6 points ahead of Bierton who are 11 points ahead of Sports A. Haddenham B were lucky to take a maximum 10 0 win at Sports D when Chris Hawkes clawed his way back into the match against David Badham, courtesy of a missed shot by David when 10 9 ahead in set 4 and leading by 2 sets to 1. With Rob Culverhouse taking two good wins at Ridgeway A, the Sports D team are now bottom of the table with their C Team 1 point ahead. Both teams are favourites for relegation, however.

Crunch for Tony


In the club encounter between Haddenham B and Haddenham A the most telling statistic is the 5 set win by Mark Scott against Tony Gorman. Having already encountered stiff opposition on Monday in the Oxford League, Tony seemed all clear by going two sets up in the second game of the night. Mark hauled himself back into the match winning the third set 12 -10 and the fourth 11-7. The fifth set must have been a swirling game of hard hitting on an equal basis, given that Mark took it 15-13. On the night the A Team had too much firepower for the B Team running out 9-1 winners and keeping their 4 point lead over Bierton A who walloped Sports B 9-1. Tim Cheek took Sports one win. In the local Derby between bottom teams Sports C and D, the C Team claimed their first win of the season by 6 games to 4. Rob Culverhouse starred for the C Team with a maximum, with Dave Badham and Malcolm Burr gaining doubles for the D Team.

Watch out behind you


Last week in The Premier Division matters moved along as expected for Haddenham A with a 10 0 win against Sports C and Quainton A managed a similar demolition job of Sports D. Haddenham have managed to squeak ahead of Bierton A at the top by 4 points after Bierton managed a creditable 6 4 defeat of Haddenham B. John Bayliss won 3 for Bierton with Jeff Rigby gaining 2 points in his first appearance for Haddenham. Ridgeway A moved themselves above the Sports B,C & D Teams at the bottom by taking 3 points off Bellingdon. Wilf Crompton took two fine wins, one in 5 sets against Stuart Brown. Lawrence Chamberlain had a maximum for Bellingdon with Keith Slipper earning a valuable point by beating Steve Allen. Sports A, however,follow the top two teams by a small margin and will be capable of upsetting the odds as the season progresses.

Cracking matches ahead


The Aylesbury Premier Division has attracted more top class players this season to spice up the conflict at the top. The Bierton A Team is equal top on 27 points with Haddenham A having recruited John Bayliss, a Nottingham based player. Bierton also have Mick Wilkins in their ranks this year and, with the anticipated return of John Paul, promise to be consistently strong. Haddenham B will not be far behind having brought Jingyu Sun, a top Oxford player, into their team. They had a tough battle, however, with Bellingdon's Lee Rogerson, Stuart Brown and Lawrence Chamberlain, losing 6 4 with Jingyu winning all his games. The Sports A Team boasts a formidable group of players as usual and has been raking in the points sitting pretty just 2 points behind the leaders, despite a scrappy draw against Quainton A. Dave Ralls has started in rattling good form with strong support from James McCafferty and Paul Reynolds. Whilst the top of the Division looks to be highly competitive, the middle to lower teams live off the scraps that their best players can forage. Kevin Doyle has won all Ridgeway's three points so far which included a win against Haddenham A. Andrew Eggleton and Tim Cheek will keep Sports B afloat and have added Milton Keynes based player, Thai-Anh Lieu to their squad.




The top two teams from last season's Premier Division are looking to repeat their performance this year and both started well last week. Mark Scott, Andy Misseldine and Darren Palmer took an 8 2 win against Bellingdon for the A Team and Chris Hawkes, Jon Abungan and Anthony Gorman secured a 10 0 win at the expense of Sports C. Andy was taken to a 12 10 decider in the fifth set by Lawrence Chamberlain, who along with Stuart Brown won Bellingdon's points with wins against Darren Palmer. Bierton A and Quainton A rival the Haddenham teams at this early stage with a 10 0 win for Bierton over Sports D and a 9 1 defeat of Sports B by Quainton. Paul Reynolds took important wins for Quainton but lost out to Tim Cheek.




Both Tring A and B occupy the relegation spots in the Premier Division despite Les Ferguy's best efforts against Quainton A. He beat Ben Davies 14 -12 in the fifth set, James McCafferty 11 -8 also in the fifth and lost to Dave Ralls 11 4 again in the fifth set. Ridgeway A escaped relegation due largely to Kevin Doyle who took another maximum this time against Sports B. Paul O'Connell playing up for the Sports Team had a good win against Steve Allen to help Sports take a draw. Second place in the Premier is still undecided. With one match outstanding for Haddenham B they are 8 points behind Bierton A and will need to defeat Ridgeway A handsomely to become runners up to their Compatriots, Haddenham A.



This week saw an impressive 8 - 2 win by leaders, Haddenham A, against a strong Bellingdon team. Andy Misseldine and Mark Scott took maximums although Mark was made to work very hard for his wins in 5 sets over Lee Rogerson and Stuart Brown (12 -10 in the fifth). Lawrence Chamberlain beat Darren Palmer in 4 sets and teamed up with Lee to win the doubles in 5 sets. Haddenham A are ahead of second placed Bierton A by 33 points and have the 2012 title neatly sewn up. Bierton visited Quainton A with just two players and lost 8 2 with Dwayne Brooks taking their points with wins against James McCafferty and Ben Davies. Dave Ralls was unbeaten for Quainton. Haddenham B beat Tring A 10 0 to leap into third place in the Division with maximums for Jon Abungan, Chris Hawkes and Tony Gorman who is unbeaten in six starts for the Stoke Mandeville Stadium based team. Tring B gained 4 points at the expense of two man Ridgeway A. Mark Luscombe was called up to play for the Tring team and came away with a prestigious win against Steve Allen. Kevin Doyle was unbeaten for Ridgeway. Sports A lost 4 points to their B Team with Tim Cheek, Pete Tillotson and Andrew Eggleton all winning singles. Mike Atkinson was unbeaten for the A Team with Dave Wackrill winning twice. Andrew lost in 5 sets to Dave and Tim lost in 5 sets to Chris Haines but Pete and Tim overwhelmed Dave and Chris in 3 sets in the doubles.



Second and third teams in the Premier Division confronted each other at Bierton last week. Haddenham B mainstays, Chris Hawkes and Jon Abungan, took two wins apiece to which Oxford based player, Jeff Rigby, added a maximum in a prestigious 8 2 win against Bierton A. Jeff was extended to 5 sets by Dwayne Brookes, but Alan Cherry won twice for Bierton, losing to Jeff in 4 hard sets which included two deuces. Bierton stay in second spot, despite the loss. The Haddenham A Team drafted in Alan Cornish for Andy Misseldine against a two man Tring A and came out 8 2 winners. The Haddenham players also play in the Wycombe league and had to cover a match there on the same night. Alan was a little rusty and naturally nervous but he worried Bill Higgins and then joined up with Mark Scott to take the doubles. Their third player, Darren Palmer, played his games winning both and then scooted off to the Wycombe match. Elsewhere Tim Cheek won twice for Sports B at Bellingdon and should really have had a maximum. However, leading Lee Rogerson 2 1 in games and 10 5 in the fourth set, he could do nothing to stem the flow of aggression that Lee showed to take the set 12 -10 and then the fifth set 11 1. Pete Tillotson won once for Sports who lost 6 4 on the night with Lee winning a maximum for Bellingdon.



Haddenham A won the battle of the top two Premier Division Teams when they beat Bierton A 7 3 last week, but six of the games went to 5 sets. Andy Misseldine was unbeaten for Haddenham although Craig Brown made him work hard losing 11 5 in the fifth set. Craig's Milton Keynes team mate, Alan Cherry, won 11 9 in the fifth set against Mark Scott and Craig and Neil Massa took close victories off Darren Palmer for Bierton. A top class match keeping Bucks and Aylesbury Table Tennis at a high level. Haddenham look to have the Title all sewn up now leading Bierton by 25 points.

In other matches Kevin Doyle and Dawn Pearce for Ridgeway A beat Bellingdon 6 4 with Dawn only losing to Lawrence Chamberlain. Oxfordshire's Jeremy Flint was unbeaten for Haddenham B in their 6 4 defeat of Quainton A for whom Dave Ralls won twice. James McCafferty blocked well against Chris Hawkes after being 2 0 down and Jon Abungan gained two good wins for the Stadium based team. Andrew Eggleton showed a welcome return to form in Sports B's 10 0 thrashing of Tring A, although he needed 5 sets to see off the determined Colin Sturges.



The top four teams in the Premier Division had comfortable wins last week leaving Haddenham A at the top 21 points ahead of Bierton who have a match in hand. Mark Scott slipped up against Dave Ralls in Haddenham A's match with two-man Quainton, but their 9 1 win stretched their lead as Bierton could only win 8 2 against Sports B. Third placed Haddenham B routed Tring B who gave youngsters Zac Garlick and Anthony McCormack a chance to show their credentials. Despite their best efforts the result was still 10 0 to Haddenham. Sports A remain one point behind the Haddenham B Team following their strong 7 3 win at Bellingdon. Nick Hansell was unbeaten with Julian Adams winning twice and David Wackrill taking one win. Lawrence Chamberlain had a double for Bellingdon with Stuart Brown winning once. Keith Slipper supported well but was unlucky to lose in 5 sets to Julian. Elsewhere Ridgeway inflicted a 9 1 defeat on Tring A, Kevin Doyle and Steve Allen taking maximums. Les Ferguy took Tring's point by beating Dawn Pearce.



Haddenham A brought their games up to date when they played a rearranged match with Ridgeway despite Andy Misseldine not being available following a short injury. Mark Penn was the trusty deputy beating Dawn Pearce in the 7 3 win. Kevin Doyle beat Mark and Darren Palmer with Steve Allen taking Ridgeway's other point. Andy had recovered sufficiently to play against Haddenham B and took a fine maximum to support Mark Scott who was unbeaten over both matches. The outstanding games in this 8 2 win for the A Team was a thrilling encounter between Darren Palmer and Jon Abungan which Jon squeezed through 11 9 in the fifth set. Darren also came unstuck against Andy Flint over 5 sets. The A Team are 20 points ahead of Bierton who have a match in hand. Haddenham B are having a storming season currently lying in third place.

Kevin Doyle continued his fine form for Ridgeway A with two wins against Bierton A, losing only to Allan Cherry in this 8 2 win for Bierton. Elsewhere Quainton A turned on the heat at Sports B with James McCafferty and Dave Ralls winning maximums in an 8 2 win. Tim Cheek was Sports sole success but he and Pete Tillotson took the doubles 12 10 in the fifth set. Bill Higgins won Tring B's only point in the 9 1 loss to Bellingdon. Stuart Brown and Lawrence Chamberlain won maximums for Bellingdon with Keith Slipper winning twice. This leaves Tring B rooted at the bottom of the Premier Division.



Haddenham A were granted a walkover this week, by Tring B which merely strengthened their grip on this year's title. Bierton lie in second place 13 points behind following their prestigious defeat of Sports A, 6 - 4. Allan Cherry was undefeated for Bierton with Chris Haines winning twice for Sports. Haddenham B are strong in their support of the A Team taking a 7 3 win against Sports B with only two players. Top player, Tony Gorman and rising star, Jon Abungan, both claimed three wins and took a competitive doubles 3 2 against Tim Cheek and Pete Tillotson. Two man Bellingdon beat two man Tring A 7 2 with wins for Stuart Brown and Laurence Chamberlain. Division One top player, Jeff Amor played up for the Ridgeway Premier Team against Quainton A to help out Dawn Pearce and Kevin Doyle. James McCafferty, Dave Ralls and Ben Davies were a tougher opposition, however, with Quainton taking an 8 2 win. Dave Ralls was unbeaten for Quainton with Dawn and Kevin winning one each for Ridgeway.



With two matches postponed last week Haddenham A took the opportunity to restore a lead over Bierton Sports A by 9 points with a 10 0 defeat of Tim Cheek and Andy Eggleton of Sports B. Last season's champions struggled to take a whitewash, however. Andy was in top form and could not take a vital match point to win 3 0 against Mark Scott, then losing 3 2. Andy also had Darren Palmer on the ropes in a see-saw five setter. Tring A won their derby match with two man, Tring B 8 2, where Ant McCormack had another taste of life in the Premier Division. John Richardson gained two points with good wins against Colin Sturges and Bill Higgins. Jon Bradbury graced the Premier with his second appearance against Sports A for Quainton A and again won all three games. The match looks to have been a real battle with Sports 5 2 down at one stage, coming back with two five set wins and a strong doubles to claim a draw.



Premier Division leaders, Haddenham A, suffered a postponement at the start of the second half of the season, allowing Bierton A to pinch the lead with a well taken 10 0 win against Tring A. Neil Massa, Allan Cherry and Mark Croucher were the unbeaten trio. In the mid-table matches Sports A came undone at the hands of Jon Abungan and Tony Gorman in a 6 4 loss at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Haddenham B's home venue. Chris Hawkes could not join in the fun despite taking Chris Haines and Dave Wackrill to 5 set games. Dave Ralls starred for Quainton A in a good 7 3 defeat of Bellingdon. James McCafferty returned to form with two wins for Quainton with Lawrence Chamberlain taking two for the visitors. Elsewhere Anthony McCormack from Tring's Division Three team had a taste of life in the Premier Division when he stepped up to play against Sports B. John Richardson and Anthony Phillips won singles in the 8 2 loss where Tim Cheek was unbeaten for Sports.



At the halfway stage in the season Haddenham A have a 9 point lead over second placed Bierton A with the rest of the division trailing in their wake headed by Haddenham B. In the postponed fixture with Bellingdon from the previous week, Haddenham A won 7 3 with Lee Rogerson winning twice for Bellingdon and inflicting a rare defeat on Andy Misseldine. Darren Palmer for Haddenham was outstanding on the night and came away with a well deserved maximum. The match was a close affair with 13 deuce sets and 4 five set games. The Haddenham trio could claim fatigue as they had played Sports A the previous night winning 8 2. Andy had suffered his first defeat against Robert Hansell in this match but Mark Scott was outstanding in this match, taking a maximum and beating Robert in 5 sets. Bierton A kept in touch with Haddenham with a 10 0 hammering of lowly Tring B. Third placed Haddenham B also showed their strength in depth beating Bellingdon 8 2 with maximums for Tony Gorman and Jon Abungan. Stuart Brown managed a 4 set victory against Chris Hawkes and took the doubles with Lawrence Chamberlain in 5 sets. Elsewhere, Sports B had a much needed 7 3 win at the hands of Ridgeway A. Tim Cheek and Pete Tillotson were unbeaten for Sports but Nick Tyler, Dawn Pearce and Steve Allen all managed 3 - 1 wins against valiant reserve, Roger Mason.



With two matches postponed in the Premier Division Bierton A pulled back to within four points of leaders Haddenham A by defeating Quainton A 8 2. Alan Cherry won three for Bierton with Neil Massa and Dwayne Brooks taking doubles. Dave Ralls and James McCafferty each won once for Quainton. Haddenham B also reduced the gap at the top by beating Tring A 10 0 leapfrogging Sports A into third place. In this match Jon Abungan, Chris Hawkes and Jeremy Flint were unbeatable although Jon was given a fright by Graham Smith who threatened to upset the winning spree by extending Jon to 5 sets.



Whilst the two Tring teams in the Premier Division are struggling at the bottom, rivals from Haddenham are fairing much better. The Haddenham A team comfortably beat two handed Tring A, 10 0 to stretch their lead over Bierton A to 12 points. Their B Team restricted Bierton to a 7 3 victory with Chris Hawkes winning twice and Jon Abungan once. Alan Cherry was unbeaten for Bierton. Elsewhere Tim Cheek won all three games in Sports B's 7 3 win against Bellingdon, with Stuart Brown taking a double for the visitors.



The top of the table clash between Bierton A and Haddenham A last week resulted in a 7 3 win for Haddenham and opened up a 9 point gap between the two teams. Alan Cherry took two wins for Bierton and Craig Brown fought valiantly to win once and stretched Mark Scott to 5 sets. Andy Misseldine was unbeaten for Haddenham, retaining his 100% record for the season so far. Haddenham B and Bellingdon occupy third and fourth spots, both teams recording 9 1 victories. Haddenham's was more impressive as it was achieved at Quainton A against the experienced Dave Ralls, Ben Davies and James McCafferty. Jeff Rigby and Jon Abungan were unbeaten for Haddenham with Chris Hawkes winning twice. His third set win 18 16 against Dave was all the more impressive given that he was 10 4 in arrears. Elsewhere Bill Higgins made a rare appearance for a depleted Tring A winning once in their 8 2 defeat at the hands of Sports B. Whilst Les Ferguy also had one win, Tim Cheek and Pete Tillotson were unbeaten for Sports.



Haddenham B is the only team showing any signs of contention with the top two teams, Haddenham A and Bierton A, in the Premier Division at the moment. Chris Hawkes and Jon Abungan took maximums in their 8 2 triumph over Tring B with James Mott playing up from Division One and winning once. James could not deny Aaron Taylor or John Richardson winning once each for Tring who currently occupy the bottom slot. Ridgeway A pulled themselves off bottom from last week with a rousing 8 2 defeat of Tring A, Kevin Doyle and Brian Redrup starring. Whilst Haddenham A's Andy Misseldine, Darren Palmer and Mark Scott blitzed Quainton A 10 0, old rivals, Sports A came undone at the hands of Bellingdon. New signing, John Cooper, managed two wins for Sports but Lee Rogerson took a fine maximum and was well supported by Lawrence Chamberlain with two wins for Bellingdon. Bierton's new signing, Mark Croucher, was unbeaten in his side's 7 - 3 win at Sports B. Dwayne Brookes won twice for Bierton with Tim Cheek recording a double for Sports.



Haddenham A have climbed back to the top of the Premier Division following a 7 - 3 win at Stoke Mandeville Stadium against their B Team. Jeremy Flint for the B Team managed wins in 5 sets against Darren Palmer and 4 sets against Mark Scott, denting their 100% records, but lost in 4 sets to Andy Misseldine. Chris Hawkes extended Mark losing 11 - 4 in the fifth set. Jon Abungan teamed up with Jeremy to take a prestigious 5 set victory against Andy and Mark in the doubles. This leaves a two point gap between Haddenham A and second placed Bierton A, with Haddenham B tied in third place with Sports A.



With Haddenham A and Haddenham B yet to play Bierton A jumped into the lead in the Premier Division winning 9 1 at home to Ridgeway A. Kevin Doyle stole a point for Ridgeway with a four set victory against Neil Massa. Bierton are keeping up with Haddenham's storming start to the season and now lead by 5 points. Sports A bounced back from recent defeats with Mike Atkinson, Dave Wackrill and Julian Adams beating Tring A 10 0. This puts them in third spot but leaves the Tring trio, Les Ferguy, Graham Smith and Colin Sturges in eighth place just above their compatriots, Tring B. John Richardson kept up his good form for the B Team with two wins at Bellingdon with Aaron Taylor and Anthony Phillips each beating Richard Beckett to steal 4 points. Stuart Brown remained unbeaten for Bellingdon. The strangest result of many seasons happened at Quainton A where Dave Ralls was the sole representative for Quainton A and only Andrew Eggleton and Pete Tillotson turned up for Sports B. Dave blitzed his way past the Sports duo in the two rubbers played but lost the match 3 5 when walkovers were introduced for the absentees. This has put Quainton off the pace after the fine win they gained over Sports A.



Bierton Sports A is the only team in close touch with leaders, Haddenham A, in the Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League, Premier Division. With an emphatic 8 2 victory at Aylesbury Sports A they have thrown down the gauntlet to last season's champions. Alan Cherry and Craig Brown took maximums, well supported by Neil Massa. Julian Adams and Chris Haines each won once for Sports. Haddenham A beat Tring B 10 0 to stay top 4 points clear of Bierton. This match saw some s uperb play from young prospect, Aaron Taylor. He played some extraordinary table tennis, and gave Andy Misseldine a very tough match, taking a leg. Elsewhere in the Premier Division, Kevin Doyle dashed Quainton's prospects with a maximum for Ridgeway A in a close drawn match, Bellingdon gained some ground with an 8 2 win against Tring A, Lawrence Chamberlain and Stuart Brown being unbeaten, and Jeff Rigby's maximum helped Haddenham B to a 6 4 win at Sports B.




The first two weeks of the league reveal a strong intensity in the Haddenham Club to stay ahead of their rivals in the Aylesbury Table Tennis League. The A Team started their defence of the title with two 10 0 wins against new boys, Ridgeway A and old rivals, Sports B, despite a spirited performance from Sports' Tim Cheek. Tim extended Andy Misseldine and Darren Palmer, losing on deuce to Darren in the fifth set. The Haddenham B Team have also started well taking 4 points off Sports A and beating Ridgeway A 8 2. Star of both matches was Jon Abungan winning 5 from 6 games. The Premier Division welcomes back two teams from Tring this season with the exciting talent of Aaron Taylor in the B Team. So far he has extended Sports B and Tring A players well with success just around the corner.




In a much more competitive competition and a smaller division compared with last season, Haddenham A retained their title with two more emphatic 10 - 0 wins in the last two weeks of the season, this time Quainton A and Bucks CC A were the victims. The same four teams finished at the top, Sports A in second with Bierton third and Quainton A fourth. Haddenham B topped the second half of the Division with their Oxford imports providing crucial strength to them staying in the Premier Division. Sports C propped up the rest with Bucks CC A second from bottom. In the last two weeks Bellingdon fielded Lee Rogerson along with Stuart Brown to try to dent the Bierton high rollers. Alan Cherry for Bierton managed a maximum, but he came back from two sets down against Lee to win two close deuce games finishing 17 - 15 in the fifth set. Bierton won 7 - 3 with Stuart taking two wins for Bellingdon. Elsewhere another key player, Andrew Eggleton from Sports B, took two scalps when they visited Quainton A, only losing to James McCafferty. Quainton won 7 - 3.Top player this season was Mark Scott with 94%, closely followed by compatriot, Andy Misseldine from Haddenham A on 90%. Lee Rogerson secured third place with 86% followed by Alan Cherry on 85%.




Haddenham A, 28 points ahead of all the rest, entertained second placed Bierton last week. Bierton played possibly their strongest team with Milton Keynes based players, Alan Cherry, Craig Brown and Michael Wilkins against Haddenham's usual suspects, Andy Misseldine, Darren Palmer and Mark Scott. The result was a cracking match which at the end of the seventh game stood at 3 4 in Bierton's favour following Michael Wilkins second win, having been stretched to 5 sets by Darren Palmer. Game 8 between Mark Scott and Craig Brown was a fast and furious affair which Mark took 17 15 in the fifth set to level the match score. Game 9 between Andy and Alan was also fast again with long powerful rallies mirroring the high quality of game 8. In the fifth set Andy was 7 10 down but came back to win a cliff-hanger. Andy and Mark won a close doubles to give Haddenham a 6 4 win.

Elsewhere, Sports A and Haddenham B had overwhelming 10 0 wins and Sports B beat the challenge of Bucks CC A 7 3 with Pete Tillotson taking a well-earned maximum. Andy Cullen won twice for Bucks including a fine 5 set defeat of Tim Cheek.




Haddenham A maintained a 26 point lead ahead of second placed Bierton with a 10 0 win at Stoke Mandeville Stadium where their B Team are based. Mark Scott was extended to 5 sets by Chris Hawkes and Jason Tustain also pushed Mark and Darren Palmer to 5 sets, taking a leg off Andy Misseldine into the bargain. Bierton matched Haddenham with a 10 0 win against Sports B, Craig Brown making his first appearance of the season. Alan Cherry and Neil Massa were the other Bierton winners. In the battle for the relegation spots Bellingdon hold the edge having beaten Sports C 6 - 4 with only two players, Stuart Brown remaining unbeaten for Bellingdon. Quainton A knocked Bucks CC A back with an 8 2 victory, although Brian McMullan and Tim Wooster took important wins for Bucks.




The battle between teams fighting for second place behind Champions in waiting, Haddenham A became hotter last week. Quainton A outpaced Bierton courtesy of a maximum from speed hitter, Dave Ralls. Ben Davies grabbed two for Quainton as did Dwayne Brooks for Bierton. Dave was extended to 19 17 by Neil Massa in the second set. Bierton remain second with Quainton in third, but Sports A look set to overtake both being in fourth, one point behind with a game in hand. Last week Sports trio, Nick Hansell, Chris Haines and Russell Fincher overcame two man Bellingdon 8 - 2, despite some solid resistance from Stuart Brown who won twice. Haddenham A extended their lead with a 10 0 defeat of Sports C whilst their stadium based, B Team, won 8 2 at Sports B, Jon Abungan and Andrew Flint taking maximums. Tim Cheek took a single for Sports but was extended to 11 9 in the fifth set by Chris Hawkes.




Sports A stopped the winning streak that Haddenham A have unleashed this season when Robert Hansell made a rare appearance for them. Chris Haines toppled Andy Misseldine 11 - 9 in the fifth set to support Robert's performance and Nick Hansell joined up with his son to take the doubles in three sets. Robert was in majestic form but all the games were extremely competitive. Whilst he outpaced Darren Palmer sneaking the third set 15 - 13, Mark Scott stole a leg off him and Andy Misseldine stretched him to 5 sets, the third set going in Andy's favour, 14 - 12. As a result their team positions remain the same, Haddenham top with Sports in 4th place.



With the result of the match between Sports A and Haddenham A still to come in, Bierton sneaked a little closer to Haddenham by beating Bucks CC A 9 - 1, courtesy of a maximum from Alan Cherry and Neil Massa. Tim Wooster claimed a point for Bucks beating Alex Pratt in 4 sets. Quainton A maintain third place with a 7 - 3 win at Stoke Mandeville Stadium over Haddenham B. Chris Walton, James McCafferty and Dave Ralls for Quainton all had doubles but none were able to defeat Jeff Rigby. Sports B climb to fifth spot following their demolition of Sports C, Andrew Eggleton, Tim Cheek and Pete Tillotson all being unbeaten despite Nick Gourley's attempts losing out in 5 sets to Pete.



The latest round of results leaves Haddenham A in an almost unassailable position at the top of the Premier Division. Andy Misseldine and Mark Scott suffered rare defeats at the hands of Lee Rogerson in the 8 2 victory against Bellingdon. Darren Palmer, however, stopped Lee from recording a maximum, winning in style over three sets. Sports A could only take a 7 3 win against two man Sports B where Tim Cheek defeated Dave Wackrill and Mike Atkinson. The A team are third equal with Quainton A who overcame Sports C 9 1. Haddenham B maintained their mid table position with a 6 4 win at Bucks CC A. Jon Abungan and Chris Hawkes took doubles with Pete Hargreaves winning once. Bucks profited from a rare appearance by Wilf Crompton who won a stylish maximum.



In the week when leaders Haddenham A have no league match but importantly represent our league in The Wilmott Cup on 22 Jan, Sports C took advantage of a two man Bucks CC A team and obtained their first win of the season. Motivator, Simon Gray, won the first game coming back from two sets down to beat Tim Wooster in 5 sets. Nick Gourley and Malcolm Burr were inspired to join Simon in beating Andy Cullen. Elsewhere Jason Tustain joined Chris Hawkes and Jon Abungan for Haddenham B in holding Bierton to a draw, for whom Alan Cherry took a good maximum. All three Haddenham players overcame Alex Pratt and Jon won a fine game against Dwayne Brooks. Bellingdon strengthened their survival hopes with a 6 - 4 defeat of Sports B. Lee Rogerson was unbeaten for Bellingdon and received good support from Phil Tyler and Keith Slipper who both won once.



All four top teams recorded emphatic 10 - 0 wins this week to move away from everybody else in the table. Haddenham A have a 20 point cushion at the top although Sports A have one game in hand. Starlets for Haddenham were the usual crew of Darren Palmer, Andy Misseldine and Mark Scott who overcame Sports B for whom Andrew Eggleton almost snatched a leg, losing 11 - 7 to Darren in the fifth set. Tim Wooster for Bucks stretched Chris Haines for Sports A to 5 sets as did Andy Cullen against Dave Wackrill. Nick Hansell was Sports other unbeaten player. Quainton A had an easy ride against two man Bellingdon, represented by Keith Slipper and Phil Tyler. Ben Davies, Dave Ralls and James McCafferty kept Quainton in touch, third equal with Sports A. Bierton's trio of Alan Cherry, Neil Massa and Alex Pratt took ten points against Sports C where Simon Gray ruffled a few feathers taking Alex to 5 sets. Malcolm Burr and Nick Gourley fought hard to turn Sports fortunes without success.



At the halfway stage in the season, Haddenham A comfortably lead the Premier Division, having strengthened their position with a 9 1 win at Quainton A who are equal fourth with Sports A. Ben Davies had one success for Quainton against Darren Palmer. Whilst Bierton are second they lost a little ground when Sports A inflicted an 8 2 defeat, courtesy of a fine maximum from Steve Buck. Alan Cherry won Bierton's points, but Sports now have a match in hand and will want a strong second half of the season to contest the title with Haddenham. At the bottom of the Division Bellingdon moved ahead of Bucks CC A with an 8 2 win when they met. Lee Rogerson and Stuart Brown were unbeaten with Keith Slipper winning once.



The Premier leaders, Haddenham A and Bierton, kept pace with each other this week with 9 1 wins against Bucks CC A and Bellingdon respectively. For Bucks Andy Cullen beat Darren Palmer over 4 close sets and for Bellingdon Stuart Brown took the one leg with a fascinating 5 set win against Dwayne Brooks in the opening game of the evening. The first set was 20 18 to Stuart. Whilst Alan Cherry for Bierton had three comfortable wins, Neil Massa was made to work hard only managing to beat Keith Slipper 15 13 in the fifth set. Stuart also pushed Neil to deuce on two occasions before losing. Keith was unlucky not to take a win, losing 4 11 in the fifth set to Dwayne. Third and fourth teams, Quainton A and Sports B were evenly matched and fought out a draw. In a match of contrasting styles Tim Cheek and Andrew Eggleton claimed two wins each for Sports with Pete Tillotson managing one win. Dave Ralls and James McCafferty also had two wins and between them took the doubles in five sets, this being the closest game of the evening. For Sports Andrew played well to defeat Dave Ralls whilst James for Quainton had a fine win against Andrew.



The crunch match between Bierton and Haddenham A was a thrilling affair which Haddenham won 7 3. Andy Misseldine, Darren Palmer and Mark Scott each won two games with Andy and Mark taking the doubles 11- 9 in the fifth set. The closest singles was a 5 set victory for Alex Pratt against Darren, again 11 9 in the fifth. Darren took the prized scalp of Alan Cherry who took fine wins against both Mark and Andy. This puts Haddenham 13 points ahead in the title stakes. Sports A gathered 10 points from their encounter with Sports C which moved them into fourth spot. Simon Gray for the C Team extended Mike Atkinson to 5 sets, only losing 10-12 in set five. Nobby Tennison gave Dave Wackrill a fright by extending him to 5 sets. Elsewhere Lee Rogerson turned out for the second week running this time against Haddenham B, and inspired Stuart Brown and Phil Tyler to win 8 2. Brian McMullen made his second appearance for Bucks CC A with Tim Wooster and Andy Cullen against Sports B. Whilst Brian is still trying to catch up after a late start to the season, his team mates played with absolute conviction, Andy winning three and Tim taking two legs in a drawn match. Pete Tillotson made a valiant riposte winning twice for Sports and doubled up with Tim Cheek to level the result.



The latest results in the Premier Division show Haddenham A cementing their lead at the top with a 9 1 defeat of their B Team with Jon Abungan beating Darren Palmer. In fact Jon extended Andy Misseldine to 5 sets and took a leg off Mark Scott with some inspired table tennis. Bierton Sports are in second place after thrashing Quainton A 10 0 and demolishing Sports B 9 1. Alan Cherry is reported to be in better form than last season so Haddenham will have some opposition when these two teams meet. Elsewhere the emerging Simon Gray won his first game for Sports C at Bellingdon following fine attempts to do this in the previous match against Haddenham A. He took legs off Darren Palmer and Mark Scott whilst making Andy Misseldine work extra hard to win in 5 sets. Not bad for a player coming back to the sport after a thirty year break!



Haddenham A trio, Mark Scott, Darren Palmer and Andy Misseldine completely overwhelmed Sports A 10 0 to stay at the top of the Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League, Premier Division. They have continued their form from the end of last season and are giving nothing away to any opponents so far. Quainton A are lurking in second place, 4 points behind but were held to a draw by Haddenham B who were represented by Jeremy Flint from the Oxford League. Jeremy and team mate, Jon Abungan took doubles as did Dave Ralls and Ben Davies for Quainton. Sports B are recovering from their early season Haddenham A blitz moving into third place following a 9 1 defeat of Sports C. Roger Mason and Andrew Eggleton took maximums for the B Team with Nick Gourley keeping up his percentages with a single win for the C Team. Bierton maintain fourth spot beating Bucks CC A 7 3 in a mid table confrontation. Alan Cherry took a maximum in his first appearance for Bierton.




Last season's Champions, Haddenham A, are early favourites to retain their title after only three weeks of the current campaign. They lie in second spot after two overwhelming 10 0 wins against Sports B and Bellingdon, with one game in hand and only one point behind, Premier Division leaders Quainton A. With strong competition throughout the league this year, Mark Scott, Andy Misseldine and Darren Palmer will find it hard work to maintain this momentum. Traditional top team, Sports A have stumbled to two wins but lost out 7 3 to resurgent Quainton A, lead by the unbeaten Dave Ralls junior. Bottom team Sports C were unlucky to lose 10 0 to Bucks CC A when they stretched their opponents to 5 legs in 6 of the 10 games, losing two of them at deuce in the fifth.




Haddenham A are the new champions of the Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League after a formidable run of five 10 0 wins to end the season. Tring A were the latest to take a bashing from Darren Palmer, Andy Misseldine and Mark Scott in their rearranged fixture. This ensured that Sports A could not catch them in their outstanding fixture although the only two losses this season for Haddenham were at the hands of the Sports A Team. Inconsistency and two unexpected losses to Bierton and Bellingdon have contributed to the 7 point gap between the two teams. Andy (90%) and Mark (88%) have finished first and second in the averages although Dave Wackrill of Sports has achieved a 96% average from 26 games.

A strong group of three follow up the top two with Bierton having enjoyed a fine season in third place. Quainton have made considerable ground to finish fourth with Bellingdon surprising taking fifth place. Sports D occupy bottom spot with Ridgeway, Tring A or Sports C vying for the remaining relegation place. A crucial match between Sports and Ridgeway that remains outstanding will sort this out.

Division One champions are Quainton B following their 6 4 win at Bucks CC D. Top player David Styles (94%) was pushed to five sets by Iain Willcocks, John Willcocks and Paul O'Connell beating Iain and Paul after being pulled back from 2 0 leads and winning the fifth sets by two points. Against John he had an almighty 5 setter. John had a match point in the 4th leg but Dave hit a couple of great shots to take it to 5 sets. John was his usual very steady defence and occasional backhand smash and Dave was steady with his superb attacking game and again went to deuce. This time Bucks won. John was perhaps just too steady and Dave missed a loop by an inch to give John the game.

In a very close match no game was easy. Jim Styles beat John to gain revenge for an earlier loss but was taken to 21 19 by Paul in the second set before managing to complete a strong maximum for Quainton. Jim finished on 85% for the season.

Bucks CC B are runners up having beaten Risborough A 6 4 with Matt Axford (81%) taking a strong maximum for Risborough. Haddenham C squeezed into third place with recent 8 2 wins against Bucks CC E and bottom team Rivets. Lee Mallick (87%) and Cynthia Kunschke (64%) have been their mainstays all season.

Sports E join Rivets in the relegation zone after a difficult season following last season's promotion. Pete Edwards on 63% has been their outstanding player.

Sports F are confirmed as Champions of Division Two. A key match in the final week was between Bucks CC F and Brill which finished as a draw. As a result Bucks CC F were confirmed as runners up whilst Brill scraped home into third place one point ahead of Bucks CC G. Brill's hero was Steve Donleavy with a singles and doubles maximum. Sports G pipped Tring D for fifth spot whilst a late surge saw Quainton C fail to finish in the top half of the table by just one point.

Tring's Mark Luscombe and Risborough's David Stevens both finished the season unbeaten whilst the top lady player, Helen Riddell from Bucks CC, finished a creditable fifth in the averages table. Highest junior player was Tring's Daniel Nathan in seventh place.



There is only one week to go to the end of the season although teams do have outstanding matches from the bad weather weeks. Maximum wins for Haddenham A, Sports A and Quainton A ensured that Haddenham remain 7 points ahead of Sports, both having two matches to play, so Haddenham stay favourites for the Premier Division Title. Haddenham beat two man Sports B with Arun Jogi playing his first match of the season, Sports eclipsed their C Team and Quainton A were too strong for Bucks CC A where Chris Leslie, Ben Davies and Dave Ralls were unbeaten.

Bierton battered close rivals Bellingdon with Lee Rogerson taking the one point against Michael Wilkins. Alan Cherry and Craig Brown had maximums to continue an excellent season. Kevin Doyle managed a maximum for Ridgeway against Haddenham B but his team still lost 6 4, Kevin and Jeff Amor winning the doubles. Tring A overpowered Sports D 8 2 with Graham Smith winning three legs after being pushed to 4 sets by David Badham who claimed Sports' two wins.

Quainton B have the Division One Title in the bag after beating Tring C 9 1. David and Jim Styles continued in unbeaten form with Mick Simmonds only just losing out in 4 sets to Tring's John Richardson. Bucks CC B in second place managed a 7 3 win against Sports E but remain 12 points behind Quainton with only one match left to play. This week Pete Edwards again thwarted the opposition with two wins, losing only to top player Nick Tyler, and he was well supported by Gary Shackleton to win the doubles in 4 sets for Sports.

David Bradbury for Bucks CC E had a maximum at Tring B despite his team losing 6 4 and Paul Rickard, with three, and Steve Rycraft for Bucks CC C took a well deserved draw against Bucks CC D. Matt Axford continued his winning ways for Risborough A in their draw at Haddenham D and Lee Mallick and Cynthia Kunschke were unbeaten in the 8 - 2 defeat of Rivets for whom Alan Harling and Keith Creser had single wins.

Division Two bottom team Tring F conceded two matches assuring both Haddenham E and Quainton C of a mid table finish to the season. They also lost 3 - 7 at Bucks CC F which meant the Bucks side would almost certainly finish runners up since Brill had lost 2 - 8 to Sports G with maximums from Lianne Fisher and Clive Westbury.

Just above the bottom Sports H lost 3 - 7 to Quainton C and seem destined to finish below Tring E who lost to Haddenham E 4 - 6 despite 2 games won by the consistent Andrew Bramwell. Risborough B entertained a back to form Bucks CC G who won 10- 0 with a notable first doubles maximum for junior player Ben Elliott. Meanwhile Sports F clinched the title beating Tring D 7 - 3 with maximums from Phil Blind and the consistent Derek Marlow.



A 10 0 win against Ridgeway kept Haddenham A in the lead in the Premier Division with only two weeks of the season remaining. Darren Palmer, Andy Misseldine and Mark Scott were in blistering form with only Bob Croucher managing to win a leg 14-12 against Darren. Sports A are second 14 points behind but with a game in hand.

Third and fourth placed Quainton A and Bierton met last week with Bierton running out 7 3 winners. Games were close with Ben Davies unlucky to lose to Bierton's Alan Cherry and Craig Brown in five hard fought sets. Alan took a maximum with Craig winning twice as did Dave Ralls for Quainton. James McCafferty (Quainton) and Michael Wilkins (Bierton) had single wins.

Bellingdon consolidated fifth place after a 10 0 defeat of Tring A, courtesy of an intransigent display from Keith Slipper. The Tring trio, Les Ferguy, Bill Higgins and Graham Smith all took Keith to five sets before losing. Keith's unbeaten team mates were Stuart Brown and Lee Rogerson. The other outstanding performance of the week came from Dawn Pearce with a maximum for Bucks CC A in their 7 3 win against Haddenham B.

Quainton B look set to win the Division One Title after a 9 1 win at fourth placed Bucks CC E. With David and Jim Styles unbeaten and Neil Mack only losing out to David Bradbury, they are 10 points ahead of Bucks CC B with a game in hand. Bucks B lost some ground when they could only beat their C Team 6 4. Colin Tibbles and Graham Butcher had doubles for the B Team as did the C Team's Paul Rickard.

The Bucks Club occupy second third and fourth spots in the Division with the D Team in third place following a strong Willcocks family display at Tring C. Iain won three games with father John winning twice and mother Pat once. John Richardson for Tring had a double losing to Iain in four sets.

Elsewhere Sports E are making every effort to avoid relegation. Last week they earned 4 points thanks to a strong individual performance from Pete Edwards and also because James Gibson supported Pete well in a prestigious 4 set doubles win. Malcolm Burr, Martin Taylor and John Cripps all won twice for Haddenham. Also worthy of mention is the maximum for Haddenham C's Lee Mallick at Risborough A where he overcame Matt Axford who has had a recent run of good form. Cynthia Kunschke supported Lee with two wins and John Badmin won once in their 7 3 win.

The last two weeks have seen little change in the order of the Division Two Table. Leaders Sports F were without their leading player Derek Marlow and visitors Sports G inflicted a first defeat of the season on them thanks to an unbeaten display from Clive Westbury and Lianne Fisher. Then runners up Bucks CC F held them to a draw thanks to a maximum from Gerry Saunders. Third team Brill narrowed the gap beating Tring F 10 - 0 and a short-handed Risborough B 9 - 1. Bucks CC G just held on to fourth spot drawing with Haddenham E and struggling to beat two man Quainton C for whom Ally Ginger was in unstoppable form. Tring D consolidated fifth spot with wins against Sports H and Tring E whose Andrew Bramwell was unbeaten. Bottom team Tring F gained a surprise draw at Sports G with Daniel Nathan winning his three games.




With three weeks to go to the end of the season, Haddenham A are in the box seat for the Premier Division Title especially since the defeat of their B Team 10 0. This was despite Chris Hawkes' best efforts against Darren Palmer where Chris led 5 0 in the fifth set only to narrowly lose 11 9. Sports A and Bierton are still in close contention with only three points separating them from Haddenham if they manage to beat off their opposition 10 0 each time. Bierton did just that with a strong maximum win against Wilf Crompton, Dawn Pearce and Andy Cullen from Bucks CC A. The closest game on the evening was the five set win that Craig Brown managed against Andy. Alan Cherry and Michael Wilkins were Craig's team mates.

Whilst Quainton A are just off the pace, they secured a 9 1 win at Tring A for whom Graham Smith was successful. Chris Leslie and Chris Walton were unbeaten for Quainton with Ben Davies winning twice. Elsewhere Bill McCafferty managed to win a point for Sports D in their loss at Sports B for whom Tim Cheek and Roger Mason were unbeaten.

Quainton B extended their lead in Division One to 14 points following a 10 0 defeat of Rivets. David Styles maintained his unbeaten record, having lost only one game all season. Father Jim and Mick Simmonds were his unbeaten team mates. With Bucks CC B's result not yet in, the other teams in the top half only managed 6 4 wins, but lost crucial ground courtesy of one outstanding player in each match.

Paul O'Connell was the man for Bucks CC D in their loss to Bucks CC E, Pete Edwards gained three important points for Sports E at Haddenham C, Paul Rickard did the same for Bucks CC against Tring C and Matt Axford turned in a top class performance at Tring B. Other performances that merit mention came from Rob Perry with a double for Bucks CC E and Barry Green gaining an important point for Sports E.



The crunch match from last week's league program was between Sports A and Haddenham A. Steve Buck and Robert Hansell for Sports came prepared for battle with Andy Misseldine, Mark Scott and Darren Palmer and they each took maximums although both were taken to 5 sets, Robert beating Andy 11 - 9 and Steve beating Darren 11 - 3 in their fifth sets. Chris Haines tried to give support to his Sports colleagues but couldn't withstand the competitive play of the Haddenham trio. This result puts Haddenham still 3 points ahead of Sports with 5 matches to play.

Elsewhere Bellingdon kept up a good season with the defeat of Sports B. Lee Rogerson had a maximum with Stuart Brown winning twice as did Tim Cheek for Sports. Nobby Tennison and Andrew Eggleton were Sports' other winners. Bierton maintained the pressure on the top two with a 9 - 1 win against Haddenham B. Alan Cherry and Neil Massa were unbeaten with Alex Pratt taking a double, but Pete Hargreaves managed a win for Haddenham. Bucks CC A won 7 - 3 against Tring A courtesy of a maximum for Wilf Crompton, a double for Dawn Pearce and one win for Tim Wooster. Les Ferguy won twice for Tring with Graham Smith their other winner.

Last week's 7 - 3 win against Tring C for Haddenham C in Division One was notable for a thrilling 5 set victory for Lee Mallick against John Richardson and a good victory for Lee and Cynthia Kunschke in the doubles. However they failed to capitalize this week when they lost 7 - 3 to Bucks CC B. Lee could not maintain form and lost to Mark Binder in 5 hard fought sets and Nick Tyler in 3 sets. Mark and Nick were unbeaten with Graham Butcher winning once. This win puts Bucks 4 points behind favorites Quainton B who have a match in hand.

Quainton won away to Risborough A 6 - 4 with Matt Axford winning twice for Risborough and making David Styles work hard over 5 sets to record a maximum. Mark Spragg won a close fought game with Jim Styles.

Of the other matches, most notable was the match between Bucks CC E and Tring C. After 4 games Bucks E were losing 3 - 1 but came back to win the next 6 games to win 7 - 3. Ken Hill found some good form and won a double plus the doubles with David Shapter. Nobody was unbeaten on the night with John Richardson for Tring and David Bradbury and David Shapter for Bucks also winning twice.

Sports F maintained their position at the top of Division Two winning 7 - 3 at third place Brill despite a maximum from the home team's John Fitsell. Bucks CC F consolidated the runner up spot beating lowly Sports H 8 - 2. Sports' Ken Walton caused a surprise when he beat Anna Wharrier. Meanwhile Bucks CC G continued to draft down the table when they visited fifth place Tring D and lost 3 - 7 finding Tring's Mark Luscombe and Bill Chapman too strong. Sports G continue to share fifth place after beating Tring E 7 - 3 thanks to Lianne Fisher's treble. Quainton C powered to victory at Haddenham E. Ali and Matt Ginger and Paul Unwin only conceded the doubles.




This week is notable for the continued superiority of Haddenham A at the top of the Premier Division following a 10 ? 0 demolition of lowly Sports D and the just as mighty Sports A in second place after their equally magnificent 10 - 0 walloping of Haddenham B. Andy Misseldine, Darren Palmer and Mark Scott represented Haddenham with Nick Hansell, Chris Haines and Dave Wackrill being the unbeaten Sports trio. Whilst Quainton A have crept into third spot winning 7 - 3 at Sports B with Chris Walton bagging three victories, the only other remarkable event was Wilf Crompton from Bucks losing to David Ballard of Sports C in the first game of the evening. Unfortunately David and his team could not build on this and lost 8 - 2.

Following a 9 - 1 win against Sports E, Quainton B have consolidated their position as favourites for the First Division Title. They lie in second spot two points behind Bucks CC B but with two matches in hand. David Styles, Jim Styles and Neil Mack were too strong for Sports although Pete Edwards took both Jim and Neil to 5 sets. Bucks CC B did not help their cause when they could only field two players at Tring B and lost 6 - 4. Roger Shelton was Tring's best player on the night beating Jan Crompton and Mark Binder.

Tring C will be contesting the second place if their recent results continue. Beating Rivets 10 - 0 they are in fourth place with two matches in hand. Bucks CC E, currently third, lost 6 - 4 to an improving Bucks CC C Team, for whom Paul Rickard and Martin Gillett won doubles. David Bradbury and David Shapter also had doubles for the E Team. Risborough A lost a little ground when their top player, Matt Axford, suffered defeats at the hands of Iain Willcocks and John Roper in the 8 - 2 win for Bucks CC D. The Haddenham C & D Teams shared the points with Lee Mallick of the C Team unbeaten. John Cripps and Mark Bevan had two wins apiece for the D Team.

Sports F consolidated their position at the top of Division Two by easing to a 9 - 1 victory over Tring F. Meanwhile Bucks CC G were short of two key players when they met their F team in good form. The 8-2 win for the F team put them jointly in second place with their vanquished opponents whose run of recent poor results continued. Helen Riddell and Gerry Saunders won all their games, as did Clive Westbury and Lianne Fisher for Sports G, as they beat their H team colleagues 7 - 3 and moved into joint 5th place with Tring D. Risborough B beat Haddenham E 7 - 3 thanks to a Dave Stevens maximum but remain in tenth place.



The results from last week's matches show that Sports A made inroads into the ten point deficit to Haddenham A with a 10 - 0 thrashing of bottom placed Sports D, but Haddenham kept the lead at 7 points after beating a strong Bellingdon team 7 - 3 away from home. Match of the evening appears to be that between Lee Rogerson and Mark Scott with Lee winning 11 - 8 in the fifth set. By contrast Andy Misseldine maintained his supremacy as the top Premier Player beating Lee in 4 sets.

From the mid-table matches the best performances were those of Andrew Eggleton with a maximum for Sports B in their 7 - 3 loss at Bucks CC A and Chris Hawkes and Jon Abungan with maximums for Haddenham B in their 7 - 3 win at Tring A. Bierton harbour thoughts of upsetting the top teams after their 9 - 1 defeat of Sports C with maximums from Allan Cherry and Craig Brown. This puts them in fourth place 26 points behind top placed Haddenham A, but with two matches in hand. Quainton are still in with a shout after beating Ridgeway 8 - 2, despite strong resistance from Kevin Doyle with a double.

The top of the Division One clash between Bucks CC B and Quainton B saw some close games. Top player David Styles was in fine form taking three games in the 6 - 4 win for Quainton. With Jan Crompton winning two for the Bucks team, Mick Simmonds effectively sealed the match for Quainton winning the eighth game 12 - 10 in the fifth set against Graham Butcher.

Whilst the Title for this Division appears to be between Bucks B with 106 points and Quainton with 99, Tring C, in fifth spot, are looking to upset the party on 84 points but with two matches in hand. This week they took a 7 - 3 victory against Risborough A for whom Matt Axford was unbeaten. This match witnessed Daniel Nathan's first step up the Divisions, notching up a first win.

Bucks CC C accumulated another precious five points in their continuing struggle to avoid relegation; this time against Haddenham C. Lee Mallick was unbeaten for Haddenham with a nice return to form for John Badmin and Roger Mott with one win each. Sports E is the team vying with Bucks for the drop and they managed three points against Bucks CC D with Pete Edwards winning two and teaming up with James Gibson for a deserved doubles win. Paul O'Connell had a maximum for Bucks.

The Sports F team of Phil Blind, Janice Carey and Derek Marlow proved far too strong for Risborough B beating them 10-0 and moved back to the top of Division Two. Bucks CC G struggled in a 3-7 defeat against Clive Westbury and Lianne Fisher at Sports G and dropped back to second spot. Brill beat Sports H 9-1 thanks to John Fitsell, Steve Donleavy and Sheila Brown and moved up to third place above Bucks CC F who despite fielding a strong team lost unexpectedly 3-7 to Quainton C for whom Paul Unwin and Matt Ginger were unbeaten. Tring D maintained fifth position winning 7-3 against Haddenham E thanks to a Bill Chapman maximum.

This last match was notable for youth finally managing to overcome experience with Rose Luscombe (11) beating Tony Tobin (79).  In another success for youth, young Bill Chapman (76) also beat Tony in a match where their combined age was 155!


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