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The Aylesbury Table Tennis League held its Cadet (under 15 years) Championship at The Quarrendon Centre on Weds March 8 th . 18 young players from the Bierton, Quainton, Quarrendon and Tring Clubs competed enthusiastically for two and a half hours for the Steve Riddell Trophy.

The outstanding players in the group stages were Jack Bacon (Quarrendon), Alex Wood (Tring) and Oscar Hofhansel (Bierton). The hardest group to qualify from involved Jaydon Hedges (Tring), Luke Riley (Quarrendon) and Loui Bowman (Tring). Jaydon had to play his best table tennis to overcome Luke and progress to the semi finals. But he and Jack Bacon went out in the semi finals leaving Oscar Hofhansel and Alex Wood to battle out the final. This was hotly contested with Oscar winning the first leg, although Alex fought back to take the next two. A determined Oscar came back from 10 – 7 down in the fourth to win. The fifth leg was fought tooth and nail with Alex finally triumphant 13 – 11 to maintain the Tring Club's hold on the trophy.

It was a brilliant evening of fine table tennis from all the competitors capped with a superb display from the finalists. Congratulations to our 2017 Riddell Champion, Alex Wood.

Valentino Maifre-Wright 1 w1
Joel Miller 0 r2 Oscar Hofhansel
Oscar Hofhansel 2 r3 Oscar Hofhansel
S/F One Final
Luke Riley 1 w2 11/5;11/6;11/9 12/10;7/11;8/11;12/10;11/13
Loui Bowman 0 w5 Jaydon Hedges Alex Wood
Jaydon Hedges 2 r1
Jean-Paul Yoxall 1 w4 Champion
Jack Bacon 2 w3 Jack Bacon
Maxim Plumridge 0 r6 Alex Wood
S/F Two Tring
12/10; 5/11;8/11;9/11
Alex Wood 2 w6 Runner Up
Callum York 1 r4 Alex Wood
Johnny Webb 0 r5 Oscar Hofhansel


ADDTL Junior Table Tennis Championship 2017


Tring Players star at The Aylesbury Junior Table Tennis Tournament held on 8th February 2017


The Quarrendon Centre was delighted to welcome Players from around Aylesbury as far as Tring to compete in the annual Aylesbury League Junior Tournament.

It was particularly pleasing to watch the Youngsters playing the game as it should be played; competitively and with good grace.

The support of Parents and Guardians for the evening was very pleasing


2 competitions were held;

Junior Championship

Consolation Competition .


There was a good mix of player abilities and ages and all matches were hard fought but, the main Competition, was dominated by the Players from Tring who all appeared in the main Competition Semi-finals


Junior Championship

The Competition Proper commenced with Group Stages and thence to a straight “knockout”

The Group Stage Winners; James George, Thomas Ludlow, Valentino Maifre-Wright and Alfie Lyons went forward ( together with Runners Up) to the knockout stage (Quarter finals) where: -

James George beat Joel Miller;

Thomas Ludlow beat Jack Bacon

Jean-Paul Yoxall beat Valentino Maifre-Wright;

Alfie Lyons beat Gianluca Maifre-Wright.

The Semi Finals featured: -

James George who bettered Thomas Ludlow

Alfie Lyons who overcame Jean-Paul Yoxall

Which; in turn led to an all Tring Final

Last year's Winner James George (Tring TTC) again dominated and ran out the Winner against Alfie Lyons (also of Tring TTC) by 5 / 7 / 1


Junior Consolation

The Consolation Competition, as may be expected, was contested by players who are relatively new to Table Tennis but who each graced a lively competition with Luke Riley too strong for newcomer Marlie Gregory and Joel Miller ran out the stronger against Richard Wheeler


In what was a fairly close Final: - Luke Riley overcame Joel Miller by 6 / 5 / 9


Finally, League President Rob Sargeant presented the well deserved awards

Many thanks to the Tournament Organiser, Brian Whitehead


The Annual Under 18 Junior Competition was held at Quarrendon & Meadowcroft Community Association last Wednesday 9 March 2016, where Cadet Champion, James George, defended the trophy that he won last year.

His opponent from last year's final, Josh Edworthy, was making his last attempt to win the title before reaching 18 years of age. He made his way resolutely through his opposition joining his Sports team mate, Dom Palmigiano and Alfie Lyons from Tring in the quarter finals. Plaudits go to Tom Ludlow, James Massa and Jack Bacon for reaching the quarter finals also where James George was afforded a bye. Here James Massa fought back from two sets down to beat Dom Palmigiano, but Alfie had three close sets to overcome Tom. Josh defended well to stop the hard attacking Jack Bacon to then face James Massa in the semi final. Alfie had to meet his club mate, James George, in the other semi.

James Massa was in good form as he took a set off Josh before going down but Alfie fought tooth and nail taking a two set lead against James George. James used his experience to dig in and fight back taking the last three sets.

The repeat of last year's final between Josh and James swung one way then the other with both protagonists exploring each other's weaknesses. First James had success with Josh unable to hit cleanly when needed. In the second set Josh discovered the shots and levelled the sets, only for James to change the play and go 2-1. Josh rethought his strategy and pulled out a comeback 11-8 to once again level the sets. A resolute approach from James turned a 4-2 deficit in the fifth set into 11-6 and victory for the second year. It was a worthy final and a good advertisement for Junior Table Tennis.

In the consolation event Liam O'Callaghan overcame Adi Roy and Jack Clark in some very close and long encounters to take a well deserved win.

Many thanks go to The Organiser, Brian Whitehead, for an enjoyable event.




For scores see below

There were fourteen youngsters under the age of 15 contesting the Steve Riddell Cup at Quarrendon Community Association on 24 February, a larger entry than seen in previous years. Last year's Champion, James George, faced challenges from his Tring Club players along with the Quarrendon group and James Massa from Sports.

From the group stages it was pleasing to see the new boys, Valentino and Gianluca Maifre-Wright and Nathan Jones win through to the quarter finals along with James George, Alex Wood, George Leaver, Jack Bacon and James Massa. Valentino faced favourite James George and won the third leg 11-6 in losing 3-1, Gianluca lost to James Massa, Jack Bacon smoothly progressed beating Nathan and Alex Wood pipped George Leaver.

At the semi final stage, two seeded players were included to make two semi final groups and here the current league players showed their ascendency. James George had Alfie Lyons and Alex Wood to beat to reach the final and although they both pushed him close he finished the games without dropping a set. In the other group Ted Holland proved too good for James Massa, but it took 4 sets to beat Jack Bacon who clearly made things uncomfortable with his all out attacking style.

The final saw James George win fairly comfortably in the end against Ted Holland to retain the Steve Riddell Cadet Trophy for another year.

In the Consolation event Luke Riley beat Yusuf Azram and Joel Miller beat Richard Weeler to meet in the final. Here Luke won in three sets and was rightly very pleased with his win.

Thanks to Brian Whitehead, The Organiser, for a brilliant tournament.

The Steve Riddell Trophy - ADTTL Cadet Championship 2016

12 entrants joined the Group Stage.

Group winners were James George, Alex Wood, Jack Bacon and James Massa.

Group winners and runners up then entered the knockout stage.

Quarter finals:

James George beat Valentino Maifre- Wright 2 / 2 / -6 / 1; Alex Wood beat George Leaver 2 / 8 / 10

Jack Bacon beat Nathan Jones 4 / 5 / 5; James Massa beat Gianluca Maifre-Wright 3 / 2 / 3

With the late arrival of two players the semi finals became semi final groups

S/F Group 1 : George beat Lyons 6 / 11 / 9; Lyons beat Wood 5 / 6 / 2; George beat Wood 6 / 7 / 10

winner James George, runner up Alfie Lyons

S/F Group 2 : Holland beat Bacon 8 / -7 / 7 / 9; Massa beat Bacon 9 / 9 / 4; Holland beat Massa 9 / -7 / 12 / -4 / 10

Winner: Ted Holland, runner up James Massa

CADET CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL : James George beat Ted Holland 8 / 4 / 9



S/F 1 Joel Miller beat Richard Wheeler 2 / 5 / -7 / 3; S/F 2 Luke Riley beat Yusef Azram 6 / 8 / 6; FINAL Luke Riley beat Joel Miller 4 / 5 / 8





Bucks Schools celebrated their annual Sports Day for year 9's on 10 July attracting many youngsters to different sports at different locations across Aylesbury. Table Tennis was one of the sports and 7 teams of four players from 6 schools competed for this year's trophy at Aylesbury Sports Club in the Squash Courts section.

Last year's champions, Ousedale School, from Newport Pagnell and Olney, received a bye into the semi final. The John Hampden High Wycombe School A Team took on The Buckingham School winning emphatically 8-0 and their B Team eclipsed The John Colet School from Wendover 6-2. Ousedale met Beaconsfield School in the semi final following Beaconsfield's defeat of The Sir William Borlase School from Marlow by 7-1. However, they found Ousedale a different proposition. Some excellent table tennis and close games belied the final score line of 7-1 to Ousedale. Just looking at the first game where Dylan Smith (Ousedale) beat Kian Evans (Beaconsfield) 12-10, 10-12, 11-7 reflects the closeness of the games.

In the other semi final John Hampden A struggled past their B Team 5-3 where Ben Cooper was outstanding. The final between John Hampden A and Ousedale was a nip and tuck affair with some exciting and fast action. Matthew Lukic won twice for Ousedale but Michael Job was equally good for John Hampden. The singles games left the match all square so a doubles game was played to decide the winners. John Hampden came through in three pulsating sets to become Bucks Schools Sports Champions in Table Tennis for 2015. Beaconsfield were awarded the Fair Play Trophy. All competitors were a credit and great ambassadors for their schools.



Feb 2015


The Junior (under 18) and Cadet(under 15) events took place this week at Quarrendon Community Centre with a fresh group of youngsters eager to make a name for themselves.

The under 15 group were playing for The Riddell Trophy, presented by Helen Riddell for emerging youngsters in memory of her husband, Steve Riddell. Past winners have progressed to win the Junior event in later years except in 2011 when Aaron Taylor won both events. This year saw an entry of 10 in both competitions with James George (Tring), Tom Ludlow (Quarrendon) and James Massa (Aylesbury Sports) entering both events.

In the Cadets, James George and James Massa progressed to the semi finals along with Douglas Claridge-Hansen and Alfie Lyons both representing Tring. Douglas took James George close and newcomer Alfie was very competitive just losing to last year's winner James Massa. Left-hander James George was too clever, however, for James Massa in the final winning in three straight sets.

The Junior event presented the best of Aylesbury and District's young players and good attacking play brought Josh Edworthy (Sports) up against his team mate, Ethan Luck, in the quarter final. William Claridge-Hansen (Tring) faced his team mate, Jed Thirkettle, Dom Palmigiano(Sports) took on his team mate, James Massa and James George played Tom Ludlow in the other quarters. Josh and Dom then met in the semi-final along with Jed and James George. The tempo was increasing with each round but Josh progressed to the final losing just one set to Dom and James moved into his second final of the night with a three set win against Jed.

The final was a see-saw affair with Josh taking a 2-1 lead only to see James use his spirited forehand attack to win the last two sets and take the Junior Title in addition to the Cadet event. Excellent attitudes were evident from all combatants as well as good potential for the future.

In the consolation event Oscar Hofhansl just overcame Chloe Cox to meet Mason Greaves in the semi final. Mason had eased through against Jack Clark. Jack Bacon had to pull out all the stops to triumph against Adi Roy and met Yusuf Azram in the other semi-final. There was a close match between Mason and Oscar, both being equally matched and Oscar prevailed 12-10 in the last two sets, having dropped the first 11-6. Jack moved more serenely through to the final against Yusuf and then took Oscar 11-5, 13-11 in the final.

We wish to thank the Organiser, Brian Whitehead, for a brilliant competition.



Joe Gerrans (Sports) battled his way through a series of finals to retain the Junior Champion title. In his path he met opposition from James Massa (Elmhurst), Matt George (Tring) and in a fiercely fought final, Ant McCormack (Tring). In the Consolation event Josh Edworthy (Elmhurst) beat James Massa (Elmhurst) in a tight final match.

All the scores:-


Ant McCormack v Joe Gerrans - 7/11; 7/11; 7/11


McCormack v Palmigiano - 11/7; 11/5; 11/5: Gerrans v George - 11/6; 11/7; 11/5


McCormack v O'Callaghan - 11/1; 11/0; 11/2: Palmigiano v Phillips - 7/11; 11/9; 13/11; 11/7: Gerrans v Massa - 11/2; 11/7; 11/4: George v Edworthy - 11/8; 11/5; 11/4


Josh Edworthy v James Massa - 11/4; 4/11; 11/9


Bacon v Edworthy - 10/12; 2/11: Phillips v Massa - 8/11; 11/9; 13/15


O'Callaghan v Bacon - 9/11; 11/8; 8/11: Hofhansl v Massa - 7/11; 3/11


One - Ant McCormack (Tring) beat Josh Edworthy (Elmhurst) by 3 games to nil:

Edworthy v Jack Bacon (Elmhurst) 11/4; 11/8; 11/3: Edworthy lost to McCormack 0 games to 3

Result - 1. McCormack; 2. Edworthy; 3. Bacon

Two - Dom Palmigiano (Elmhurst) v James Massa (Elmhurst) - 11/9; 11/9; 11/6

Three - Joe Gerrans (Sports) v Sam Phillips (Tring) - 11/4; 11/5; 11/5: Phillips v Oscar Hofhansl (Elmhurst) 11/4; 11/4; 11/1: Gerrans v Hofhansl - 11/2; 11/0; 11/1

Result - 1. Gerrans; 2. Phillips; 3. Hofhansl

Four - Matt George (Tring) v Liam O'Callaghan (Elmhurst) - 11/4; 11/5; 11/3




This year's under 15 competition at Elmhurst Community Centre brought a fresh group of youngsters together, past winners having graduated into the under 18 group which will compete in March.

Two groups played to produce semi-finalists and competition was fierce. In group 1 Oscar Hofhansl faced Chloe Cox and lost a close contest before then losing to Tom Ludlow. Tom had a little too much experience for Oscar who is rapidly developing a strong game. Chloe also lost to Tom but passed through to a semi-final confrontation with James Massa.

James faced Mason Greaves and new arrival to table tennis, Joshua Donovan. Joshua fought hard but was found wanting against his more experienced opponents. Mason went through to face Tom in the other semi-final.

In the semi-finals top seed James moved comfortably through against Chloe but Mason took a 2 sets to 1 lead against Tom with some nice forehand hitting. Tom pulled his game together to take the fourth and fifth sets 11-7,11-8 to meet James in the final.

James kept his nose ahead to squeeze through 11-9 in the first set and then improved his overall match play winning the final 11-9,11-4,11-6 to become Aylesbury's Riddell Cadet Champion 2014. Congratulations to James.

In a consolation event Joshua took the honours 3 sets to 2 despite Oscar's best efforts.

Many thanks to our Organiser, Brian Whitehead.



Matt Bradbury winner of Junior Championships 2013 and Bob Sargeant (President of Aylesbury and District Table Tennis league

FOR OTHER PHOTOS See rogues gallery

This year's Junior Table Tennis Tournament attracted 11 entrants from different clubs in Aylesbury Vale. Last season's winner, Matt Bradbury from Quainton, was defending his title for the last time and nervously expected a tough time from his adversaries, especially runner up from last year, Joe Gerrans.

The players were seeded into three groups, with Matt as top seed and Joe as second seed. Matt moved through to the semi finals with relative ease although Adi Roy took him to deuce in one leg. Adi enjoyed a win against Liam O'Callaghan, both taking part in the championships for the first time. Joe from Aylesbury Sports was in the group of death (their words) facing Ethan Luck, Dom Palmigiano and Josh Edworthy, all Elmhurst representatives. Joe was stretched by Dom but topped the group. Ethan and Dom had a battle royale with Dom outhitting Ethan over 4 close sets. Josh was never far behind in this testing group.

The remaining group saw Ben Hale from Elmhurst put through his paces by Bucks CC's Conor Brewer, dropping one set. James Dodd and Chloe Cox made up this group and struggled against their more experienced opponents. The experience will help their development. Ben, as group winner, progressed to the semi final stage, with Conor having to play a qualifier against Dom. Conor conspired to upset the odds by taking the first two sets relatively easily, before Dom reviewed his game plan and took the last three sets. This was a good hitting game from both youngsters.

At semi final stage Dom faced the challenge of Matt Bradbury and levelled the match at 1-1 with some good attacks. Matt, however, has developed a patient game and came back to win in 4 sets. Joe was up against Ben Hale and whilst he won in three sets, two of them went to deuce.

There was, therefore, a rerun of last year's final between Matt and Joe. Both players have attacking styles but Joe did not let Matt settle and forced him to defend. Joe won the first set 11-8, but Matt again used patience and perseverance to level. The third set was a tight affair with Matt taking it 12-10, and then going on to win the fourth set 11-8, thus winning the Junior Titlefor the second year running. It was a high standard of table tennis and represents considerable strides made by our youngsters over the last twelve months. We are grateful for the support given by players and parents and also wish to thank the Organiser, Brian Whitehead.

The Consolation event was a competitive clash with Ethan Luck beating Josh Edworthy after losing the first set. Josh shows great promise but the competitive nature that all the youngsters show will only help their prowess as table tennis players in the future.




for other photos see rogues gallery

The Steve Riddell Trophy, an Aylesbury Table Tennis tournament for under 15 year olds, took place at Elmhurst Community Centre last week(1/2/13), with Aaron Taylor from Chesham aiming to defend the title that he won in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Aaron was one of eleven youngsters who took part. They were split into four groups where the winners and runners up would go through to a knock out competition. Top seed, Aaron faced Tanmay Mahesh and Alex Brooks Usher in his group, two players who were new to the sport where by contrast Aaron is a seasoned campaigner. Tanmay claimed the runners up place after a tight game with Alex and Aaron went through as group winner to face Chloe Cox in the quarter finals.

Rising star Ethan Luck from Elmhurst won group two with Bucks CC's Conor Brewer finishing runner up. Josh Edworthy from Elmhurst won group three with Chloe Cox also Elmhurst finishing second. Second seed, Joe Gerrans from Aylesbury Grammer School, won Group four leaving his friend, Dom Palmigiano, also Aylesbury GS, in second place.

In the Quarter finals Aaron and Joe went through with ease but Josh Edworthy made Conor Brewer struggle before going through. Dom and Ethan had a titanic 5 set match. Both players know each other's game and both like to win with attacking shots. On this occasion Dom sailed through 11-6 in the last set to meet Aaron in the semi-final.

Whilst Joe faced little resistance from Conor, winning in three sets, Dom made Aaron work hard for success. Losing on deuce in the first set, Dom then became frustrated with Aaron's consistent returns in a game of high standards.

So we had a rerun of last year's final between Joe and Aaron, the top seeds. Joe's game has improved whereas Aaron has not had as much practice as he would have liked. Nonetheless he competed in a thrilling final losing 18-16 in the first set, levelling 11-3 in the second, then losing the third set to 5 points and the last set 14-12, having clawed his way back from 7 – 1 down.

Adi Roy, Alex Brooks-Usher and Tom Ludlow took part in a consolation event. There were close games between these three who are each of a similar standard. Alex took sets off both players but was unlucky to lose on both occasions. Adi played Tom in the final winning in 4 sets.

Congratulations to this year's Riddell Champion, Joe Gerrans and well done to all participants who all competed with keenness, enthusiasm and fair play. Thanks also to the Organiser, Brian Whitehead.

Aaron Taylor (seed) winner Aaron Taylor
3 / 3 / 2
Tanmay Mahesh runner up Chloe Cox
Alex Brooks-Usher 3rd Aaron Taylor
Ethan Luck 10 / 3 / 4
GROUP TWO 11 / -8 / 7 / -8 / -6 Dom Palmigiano Aaron Taylor
Dom Palmigiano
Ethan Luck (seed) winner
-16 / 3 / -5 / -12
Conor Brewer runner up Josh Edworthy
-8 / -4 / -7 Conor Brewer
Adi Roy 3rd Conor Brewer -2 / -3 / -3 Joe Gerrans
Joe Gerrans WINNER
Joe Gerrans
Josh Edworthy winner 2 / 2 / 1
Tanmay Mahesh
Chloe Cox runner up
T Bradbury - absent
Alex Brooks-Usher
GROUP FOUR 5 / -7 / -7 / -8
Adi Roy
Joe Gerrans (seed) winner Alex Brooks-Usher
9 / -6 / -6 / -7 Adi Roy
Tom Ludlow 3rd Tom Ludlow WINNER
Adi Roy
Dom Palmigiano runner up 5 / -6 / 4 / 4
Tom Ludlow




Aylesbury played host to the prestigious ETTA English Leagues Junior Carter Cup Competition recently with two groups contesting for a place in the next round. The event took place at The Kingston Centre in Milton Keynes, a purpose built table tennis centre.

Aylesbury entered two teams with Oli Chenkin (Tring) and Joe Gerrans (Aylesbury Sports) taking on Leamington A and Leicester in the first group. Whilst Joe and Oli fought hard they could not prevent Leamington winning 5 – 0 as they also did against Leicester. Leicester had some success with a whitewash against Aylesbury.

In the second Group Matt and Tom Bradbury (Quainton) for Aylesbury B proved a sterner test for Leamington B extending their players in longer and more competitive matches, but still going down 5 – 0. Against Didcot, the other team in their group, both brothers clinched wins against Ethan Hall, but unfortunately lost 3 – 2.

The Leamington teams won both groups with some ease and will go forward to the next round. The event was an unqualified success made more so by the sportsmanlike attitudes of all the young players. Many thanks to The Kingston Centre and to The Organiser, Mr Brian Whitehead.



Leamington A 5 Aylesbury B 0

Leicester 0 Leamington A 5

Aylesbury B 0 Leicester 5


Winners - Leamington A



This was a very competitive group with play taking 50 minutes longer than Group 4.

Aylesbury A 0 Leamington B 5

Didcot 0 Leamington B 5

Aylesbury A 2 Didcot 3


Winners - Leamington B

Congratulations to the Leamington teams. There really must be something in that spa water!




Georgina Lark and Rose Luscombe had a good day at Westfield Table Tennis Centre on 17 June 2012 representing Aylesbury. They were runners up in the Bromfield Trophy losing 4-1 to North Middlesex in the final!

Georgina played really well, winning one match and losing one.  Rosemary lost both of her matches but took a game off one of the players.  The doubles was lost 3-0 but could have gone either way with the scores being 13/11, 11/9,11/7.

Georgina Lark and Rose Luscombe runners up in The Bromfield Trophy



This season's Junior Table Tennis Tournament took place at Elmhurst last Friday with 10 youngsters competing for the trophy. With last year's winner, Aaron Taylor and previous winner, Rose Luscombe both absent, we would herald a new champion.

Players were split into three “round robin” groups which included seeded players, Matt Bradbury (Bucks CC), Joe Gerrans (Elmhurst) and Georgina Lark (Tring). Quainton based Matt, who's Dad, Phil, had won this trophy in 1979, faced Nathan Ball and Ethan Luck both representing Elmhurst. He progressed smoothly as expected, with Ethan taking the runners up spot in this group with a 5 set victory against Nathan. In the second group Will Shackleton, Cadet Champion from 2010, upset the odds with a fine victory against Georgina Lark and won the group with strong wins over Dominico Palmigiano and Richard Lu. Georgina took second place. Joe Gerrans won the third group after coming back from 0 – 2 to beat Jake Davis in 5 sets and triumphing over new Elmhurst player, Jake Finch.

This produced two semi final groups, the winners of which would face each other in the final. Group One featured Matt Bradbury, Jake Davis and Will Shackleton. Jake played patient defensive table tennis in an attempt to frustrate his attacking opponents but they persevered to play each other for the final spot. Will was spectacular in his variation of hitting to take a 2 – 0 lead but Matt gathered strength from his focused attack and ran out winner in the fifth set 11 – 9. In the second group Ethan Luck did his best to upset the odds against Georgina and Joe. He had little success but will fare better in the future with his lefty stroke play. Joe won a close battle with Georgina to face Matt in the final.

Both youngsters have enjoyed success in the Aylesbury and District League this year and have represented the Vale in The Carter Cup. Matt arguably has faced tougher opposition in Div Two but Joe is a quick learner from Div Three. However, Matt was a step ahead in this encounter and won in three sets(6,7,9) showing some clever spin attack. Congratulations go to new champ, Matt Bradbury and commiserations to runner up, Joe Gerrans.

Many thanks go to the Organiser, Brian Whitehead and also to the parents and supporters who made this a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Domenico Palmigiano won the consolation event with a fine win against Nathan Ball 11-13,11-9,11-6,11-5.

Matt Bradbury winner and Joe Gerrans R/U 2012

Carter Cup - 18/2/12

As mentioned below we were asked to stage a regional round including the teams from Banbury and Leamington.

As our No. 1 junior, Aaron Taylor, was not available a trial, which is detailed below, was held to establish the team. As a result Joe Gerrans and Matt Bradbury were chosen with Anthony McCormack as the reserve player.

T h e Round was held at the Tring Club on Saturday 18th February.

 The first match was Banbury v Aylesbury. Joe played first against the Banbury No. 1 who was a regular player in both Banbury and Oxford Leagues. Joe was slow to get in to his stride and his experienced opponent was able to command the match throughout. Matt then played the less experienced No. 2 and was soon in control running out a comfortable winner. The match between Matt and the No. 1 was keenly fought but the latter eventually edged home. Joe played much better against the No. 2 but eventually lost. Joe and Matt had little experience of doubles and had not played together before so it was immensely to their credit that they took the Banbury pair all the way before losing out on the final run in. Result Banbury won 4 - 1.

 Banbury then played Leamington. It was soon apparent that the Leamington pair were of good premier division standard and a class and more above the other contestants. The Banbury No. 1 gave his all but was still no match for them and the result was 5 - 0  for Leamington.

For the final game Joe and Matt realised they were outgunned but played to the very best of their ability and their good spirited opponents helped to make a most entertaining match of it.  Result 5 - 0 to Leamington.

 In conclusion the brilliant Leamington pair hugely entertained those watching with some of their spectacular display which included improvised shots not to be found in any coaching manual. Our lads will have learnt a lot from participation in this level that will serve them well in seasons to come.

 Bromfield Trophy

Our girls team of Rose Luscombe and Georgina Lark have been automatically progressed to the Final Round which is to be held at Wellingborough in June.

Carter Cup Trial - 18/2/12

The Aylesbury and District Table Tennis league is entering a team in the Carter Cup, a National Cup for League Boys Teams which will take place on 18 February. The League is hosting one of the rounds at The Iron Room in Tring, the venue for Tring Table Tennis Club. Our Team will play Leamington Spa and Banbury with the winners to go forward into the finals.

To decide who would represent Aylesbury in The Carter Cup a trial was held last Monday at Tring. Two players will represent The League and Joe Gerrans (Elmhurst), Anthony McCormack (Tring) and Matt Bradbury (Bucks CC) took part in a really impressive Trial event. The game between Joe Gerrans and Matt Bradbury would have graced any finals night men's singles event. Matt scraped home in the fifth after Joe at one time had looked completely in command. Matt against Anthony also was good with Matt in all out attack but Anthony returning everything, even Matt's best shots, with topspin and then hitting winners as soon as Matt played a loose shot. Somehow Matt survived.

Matt and Joe will be The Vale's representatives on 18 February with Anthony as our reserve player in case of emergencies. We wish them good luck. For further information, contact John Richardson - team organiser 01442 827100 or Brian Whitehead - League Representative 01442 822226.


The RIDDELL Finalists 2012 - winner Aaron Taylor and Runner up Joe Gerrans



The Steve Riddell Trophy, an Aylesbury Table Tennis tournament for under 15 year olds, took place at Elmhurst Community Centre last week, with Aaron Taylor from Chesham Grammar School and Tring Table Tennis Club aiming to defend the title that he won in 2010 and 2011.

Aaron was one of seven youngsters who took part, the entry having been reduced from the anticipated application of eleven participants. They were split into two groups where the winners and runners up would proceed to the semi final stages. Aaron faced Zac Garlick from Tring and Ethan Luck from Elmhurst in his group and by contrast he is a seasoned campaigner compared to his older opponents, Aaron being 12 years old. His consistent all out attack took him through as winner beating both boys in three sets, although Zac made him go to deuce in the first set. Zac won the battle with Ethan for the runner up spot.

In the second group Joe Gerrans from Aylesbury Grammar School and Elmhurst Table Tennis Club progressed with ease against Domenico Palmigiano, Jake Finch and Morgan Ecott. Domenico has improved considerably in the last year and took his place in the semi finals as runner up.

The first semi final saw Domenico facing Aaron as he did last year, but this time Dom managed to take a set, 11 – 8, until Aaron demonstrated his dominance to win 11 – 5 in the fourth set. Joe faced the emerging talent of Zac, a youngster who has only been playing for two months, in the second semi final. Zac has a particularly accurate forehand attack which kept him in the game but Joe went through on deuce in the first set and then settled using his experience to win in three sets.

This brought Joe and Aaron up against each other in the final. Aaron has benefited from matches in the Aylesbury Premier Division this season whereas Joe has continued his progress in Division Three. Nonetheless, Joe competed well and surprised Aaron with some fierce hitting. Aaron, however, had more consistency and took the match 11 – 5, 11 – 7, 11 – 4.

In the plate competition Ethan Luck won for the second year running.

All the youngsters maintained high standards of fair play and the competition was well supported by parents and coaches. Many thanks to the organiser Brian Whitehead and congratulations to Aaron for his third Steve Riddell Trophy win.



junior tournament 4/3/11 at Elmhurst

The rising stars of Table Tennis in Aylesbury met last Friday 4/3/11 at Elmhurst Community Centre to contest this year's Junior Title. Fifteen youngsters from across the Vale started the evening in 4 groups from which the top two would progress into the knockout stages.

Elmhurst's Will Shackleton won his group with some clinical hitting with Jake Davis as runner up after a tough battle with Quainton's Elliott Niall. With Ben Elliott absent, Matt Bradbury from Quainton won his group. Nathan Ball also progressed from this group after a well deserved 16 – 14 win in the third set against strong attacker Ricky Wong. Tring's Georgina Lark found herself up against the only other female entrant, Elmhurst's Maggie Wong. Georgina won that encounter, also beating Domenico Palmigiano to finish behind her Tring compatriot, group winner Anthony McCormack. In the final group Aaron Taylor from Tring dominated with James Darraugh, also Tring, defeating a spirited Joe Gerrans to finish second.

At Quarter Final stage Anthony came back from a set down to defeat Jake, Will cruised through at the expense of Nathan as did Aaron against Georgina. The game between Matt and James was a close affair with two deuce sets, Matt winning 11 – 7 in the fifth set. This pitched Anthony against Matt in the first semi final and again this was a hard, close battle with two deuce sets. Anthony prevailed winning 17 – 15 in the fourth set. In the second semi final, a needle match ensued between Will and Aaron with some pinch hitting from both sides. Aaron kept his cool in the third set when 7 – 1 down to win 11 – 9 and claim his place in the final.

The final was an all Tring affair between Aaron and Anthony and Aaron settled in more comfortably moving into a two set lead. Anthony picked up his game and pinched the third set 11 – 9, but Aaron regrouped and took the Junior Title in the fourth set to add to the Cadet Trophy that he won in January.

The participants were complimented on their positive and sporting attitudes throughout the tournament and parents and other spectators were thanked for their support of the event. The competition ran very smoothly for which we thank The Organiser, David Ballard.

Winner of the 2010 Under 13 event at The Bucks County Championships in Cippenham was 11 year old, Aaron Taylor from Tring Table Tennis Club... Congratulations and well played Aaron.



Aaron Taylor triumphs in Riddell Cadet Trophy

Youngsters across the Vale competed at Elmhurst Community Centre last week for this year's Riddell Trophy which was open to under 15 year olds and doubled up as this year's Cadet Tournament. Twelve juniors competed in four groups with last year's Riddell winner, Aaron Taylor and Rose Luscombe, a runner up in the 2009 Cadet competition, nominated as top seeds.

Aaron and Rose proceeded to the knock out stages with comparative ease. Jake Davis and Robert Dunsford won their group matches and were joined by group runners up, Nathan Ball, Joe Gerrans, Anthony McCormack and Dominico Palmigiano. Dominico faced Aaron but lost in three straight sets despite a brave fight. Jake fell in four sets, losing at deuce to Anthony but Joe won impressively against Robert in three sets. Rose moved through in three against Nathan.

At semi final stage Anthony could not stop the irrepressible Aaron from winning three sets to meet Rose, England number 14 at Under 13 level, in the final. Joe gave a good account of himself in making Rose fight hard to get her win.

The final was another brilliant advert for the sport played between Rose and Aaron from Tring Table Tennis Club. Both Rose and Aaron looked to forge openings to make use of their forehand attacking capability and Rose revealed a new strength to her game with a strong backhand attack. Both players looked strong but whenever either took a good lead, the other fought back to take the set. Aaron won the first to 9, but Rose took the second to 7. The see-saw continued with Aaron winning the third and Rose the fourth. The scene was set for a fine fifth set battle and sure enough it went to deuce after Rose held a two point lead at 10 – 8. Aaron continued unbowed and won 12 – 10 in a nail-biting finish, to loud applause for a fine contest.

In the runners up plate competition Ethan Luck outfought Liam Ball in four sets. Many thanks are due to the Organisers, Brian Whitehead and David Ballard and also for the enthusiastic supporters.


Aaron triumphs...

Pupils from Grange School, Aylesbury, John Colet in Wendover, The Cottesloe School Mandeville Upper School, Ley Hill School and Tring School took part in this year's under 14 tournament at Elmhurst Community Centre on Friday 19 February.

Winners and Runners up from the first round group matches went forward to the second round with the remainder having a consolation event. Jake Davis (Grange) met Ethan Luck (Cottesloe) in the final of the consolation with Jake coming out the victor in three sets.

From Group one of the main event Nathan Ball (Mandeville) and James Harrison (John Colet) proceeded to the semi finals to play Luke Williams (John Colet) and Aaron Taylor (Tring) from the second Group. Commiserations to Jamie Cullen (Ley Hill) and Joseph Warren (Mandeville) who did well to make the second round.

Luke Williams beat a spirited Nathan Ball in four sets with 11 year old Aaron Taylor conquering James Harrison in three sets. In the final no quarter was given by either Luke or Aaron and both should be congratulated on their self belief. Aaron showed some magnificent forehand attacking shots while Luke defended particularly well, taking pace off the ball. Neither allowed anything to distract them and each set was decided either at deuce or 11 - 9 with Aaron taking the Title for 2010.

Thanks to the Organiser David Ballard and League Secretary Brian Whitehead for an enjoyable evening once again.


Girls and Boys competed once again against each other last Friday, 29 January, in events for juniors aged under 18 and cadets aged under 15 years of age in the Annual Aylesbury and District Junior and Cadet Table Tennis tournaments at Elmhurst Community Centre. Fifty entrants across the two competitions took part, proving last year's event to be popular. Numbers were also swelled by larger attendances at Friday practice sessions and the increased interest from Tring School coaching sessions.

Both competitions were run concurrently and entrants to the under 15 Cadet Tournament also entered the junior event. Last year's cadet champion, Jack Baker, had graduated to the junior event only but Rose Luscombe, last year's junior winner, was still young enough to enter both events. Representing Tring she fought her way through to the cadet semi final, having beaten Jamie Cullen and then Xavier Cohen over 4 difficult sets. Her semi final opponent was Joe Wheatley who had progressed through beating Jake Davis and Anthony McCormack

In the lower half of the cadet competition last year's runner up from both competitions, Will Shackleton, moved through with comfortable wins against Max Lee and Billy Allen. He was to meet Rose's brother Jamie who had beaten J T Thies and then win a struggle of dynamic proportions over 4 sets against Aaron Taylor, one of the youngest entrants and one to watch out for in the future.

In the junior event Joe Wheatley again met Elmhurst's Jake Davis. Jake put up a much stronger fight but was unable to prevent Joe going through to meet Will Shackleton. Will, representing Bucks CC, had previously met two of the girl entrants who had both given him a hard time. In the first round Georgina Luck from Tring had taken him twice to deuce before losing in 3 sets and the prolific Elmhurst youngster, Maggie Wong, led Will 2 - 0 before he realised how to counteract her pen hold attack. Going through to the other semi final was Tring's Xavier Cohen who had mastered Rose Luscombe's game this time and managed to overcome Jack Baker from Bucks\CC in a hard fought match. Meeting him was Ben Elliott from Bucks following his 3 set win against Tring's Jamie Luscombe.

By the semi final stages contestants were becoming tired so those with more stamina and nerve came to the fore. In the cadets Joe Wheatley from Tring beat off Rose's challenge in 4 sets but Will and Jamie Luscombe cancelled each other out, the match going to 5 sets with Will prevailing 11 - 5. In the junior event Will was extended to 5 sets by Joe before succeeding and Xavier took Ben in 4 attacking sets.

With Will in both finals, the junior event was staged first and the spectators were entertained by two young stars of the future playing stylishly and without restraint. Although only lasting three sets each one was close with Xavier taking the title 12 - 10, 11 - 9, 12 - 10.

Will then had to meet Joe once again, this time in the cadet final and no doubt thoughts of last year will have been passing through his mind when he was runner up in both competitions. Joe had learnt from the junior semi final and seemed to have the upper hand taking the first set, but Will's determination levelled the match and he then took the third set 13 - 11. Joe stuck to his earlier strategy and returned the compliment with a 13 - 11 win in the fourth set. Joe seemed to have it all sewn up leading 10 - 8 in the fifth set, but Will focused, got back to deuce and then took the cadet title 12 - 10.

Congratulations to Will and Xavier but commiserations to Joe. Many thanks to the Organiser, David Ballard who managed to see the event through smoothly despite the large number of entries and the enthusiastic support. The impeccable behaviour of all the participants helped the smooth running and they should all be congratulated for the courtesy and support they gave to each other.



The 19 entrants represented the following schools:- Aylesbury Grammar, Quarrendon, Tring, Bedgrove Junior, Grange, Mandeville, William Harding.


Local Players aged 14 years or under battled for The Riddell Trophy on 6 March at the Elmhurst Community Centre. Aylesbury & District Table Tennis League organised the event as part of its aim to promote table tennis locally and in particular to encourage play within local schools.
Nineteen players from seven schools entered the competition and the quality of the table tennis, and the stamina of the players who had to play through two and a half hours of stiff competition impressed spectators. All players had the opportunity to fight through a group stage which ensured that everybody played a reasonable number of competitive games. The top players from each group advanced to the knockout stage, whilst those who did not progress played in a plate competition.
Nathen Ball (representing Mandeville School),  Will Shackleton (Tring)  Josh Denham (Quarrendon) and Rose Luscombe (Bedgrove Junior) , moved forward to the quarter finals together with Aylesbury Grammar School's Jack Clarke, Hao Ping Bao, Ed Bottrill and Daniel Nathan . Unfortunately Nathen, Will and Hao in particular became eliminated in the evenly contested quarter and semi final stages. Reigning Aylesbury and District Junior Champion, Rose and Daniel battled through to the final. 
Ciaran Burke and Billy Allen played in the Plate Final, with Billy just winning the first leg 11-8 before losing the second leg 12-10. Unfortunately for the hard working Ciaran, Billy proved too strong in the third leg winning 11-4.
Nobby Tennison ably refereed the main event final in front of enthusiastic parents and eliminated contestants who all had clearly enjoyed the evening's entertainment and helped to create a good atmosphere. The two talented finalists played the match in a very good spirit, and whilst Rose Luscombe ran Daniel Nathan close in the first leg only losing narrowly 11-9, Rose could not counter Daniel's greater weight of shot and more playing experience in the second leg losing 11-3.  Daniel proved to be a worthy winner, and independent spectators felt his success was merited for his sustained quality of play throughout the evening, whilst Rose impressed by winning various matches against older opponents. Both players have great potential for the future.  
The competition is named in memory of Steve Riddell who undertook many activities locally to promote table tennis, whilst being a combative competitor on the table himself. All competitors showed enthusiasm, skill, and good spirit which would have delighted Steve and matched how he played the game himself. 




For the promotion of table tennis amongst young people




Sam Adams ( Grange School )


Jack Scriven (Aylesbury G S)


Daniel Nathan (Aylesbury G S)


Aaron Taylor (Tring School)

Aaron Taylor (Tring School)
Aaron Taylor (Tring TT Club)
Joe Gerrans (Aylesbury GS)
James Massa (Bierton TT Club)
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James George (Tring)
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