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The League was first formed in 1927 and exists to conduct competition between affiliated clubs, to arrange and conduct individual championships and to encourage and promote the game of table tennis locally in every possible way. It is open to affiliation from any Club within a reasonable distance of Aylesbury.

The league is responsible for table tennis activities in Aylesbury and within a surrounding area bounded by Bierton, Tring, Bellingdon, Princes Risborough, Chinnor, Thame and Quainton.It is affiliated to the ETTA and the Bucks County TTA.

The League runs an Open Table Tennis Club on Friday evenings (between 1st week of September and the 1st week of June) at The Elmhurst Centre in Fairfax Crescent, Aylesbury. For a small charge you may practice table tennis and if the Club is not too busy there may be opportunities to receive some basic coaching from senior league players.

The League and the Knock out Trophy competitions are run during the table tennis season, September to April. In addition a Summer League is run from late May to August.

The Riddell Trophy is a Spring tournament run for the best young players and is organised through the secondary schools within the League's catchment area.




The "100 Club" was established for your benefit to help boost League funds and keep fees down. It is open to anyone so friends and relatives can also take part.

For an outlay of £4 per calendar month everyone stands a chance of winning a minimum of: £50 every month PLUS several other prizes of £10. At least 70% of all money collected is allocated in Prizes.


Just contact David Ballard telephone 01844 214490 (or contact any Committee Member) for a Standing Order Form, then complete and return it to David. The League and your Bank will do the rest!

You will be allocated a membership number (or numbers) that will go into the draw made after your first payment has been received. The draw is made each month.

Aylesbury and District Table Tennis League


Management Committee

Minutes of meeting held on August 5th 2010

at Bucks CC Sports Club


Present : Bob Sargeant, Jim Styles, David Badham, David Ballard, Dave Bradbury , Roger Mott, John Richardson, Nobby Tennison, Brian Whitehead .

Apologies: Michelle Davis, Andy Eggleton..


385 Minutes of meeting held on April 27th 2010



•  Matters Arising – Equipment for Elmhurst

David Badham reported that he now had one new net set and a supply of balls for Elmhurst and in addition he had repaired a number of the existing nets.


387 Organisation of League for season 2010 /2011

Brian reported that 2 new teams were entered, Elmhurst A and Elmhurst Juniors, but two teams had dropped out, Tring E and Sports G. The number of teams was therefore unchanged and the Committee had a choice of retaining the existing League structure, namely 3 divisions of 12 teams, or changing to four divisions of nine teams. Only ten teams had applied for the Premier Division and a similar number for Division Two whereas Division One was oversubscribed with 14 teams. Over 180 players had registered with the League giving more than five per team.

A lengthy discussion ensued. With three divisions and the Trophy competition a full 26 week season could be maintained but there was a reluctance by the teams that had finished at the bottom of the Premier Division and at the top of the First Division to play in the Premier Division because of the wide variation in standard between top and bottom teams in that Division. The choice of four divisions would create more closely competitive divisions but would significantly reduce the number of league games played in a season from 22 to 16. However this could be overcome if an additional knockout team competition were organised, say for each division. Finally the idea of a shorter season was accepted with 4 divisions of 9 teams for the League along with the Frank Mitchell Trophy competition (proposed Bradbury, seconded Ballard; for 8, against none).


The Committee then agreed that the divisions be made up as follows:-

Premier – Haddenham A, Sports A, Bierton, Quainton A, Bellingdon, Sports B, Bucks CC A, Haddenham B and Sports C (9).

One – Tring A, Ridgeway, Sports D, Quainton B, Bucks CC B, Haddenham C, Bucks CC C (former D), Haddenham D and Bucks CC D (former E) (9).

Two – Tring C, Tring B, Bucks CC E (former C), Risborough A, Sports E, Rivets, Sports F, Bucks CC F and Tring D (9).

Three – Brill, Bucks CC G, Quainton C, Haddenham E, Risborough B, Tring E, Sports G (former H), Elmhurst A (adult team) and Elmhurst Juniors (9).


•  Handbook

It was agreed that this would be in similar format to last year and that Jim would again arrange for the printing by Waddesdon School. Deadline for the printer would be first week of September. 500 scorecards would be obtained at the same time.


389 League Calendar

Dates for the Handbook were agreed as follows:

Secretaries Meeting (booked at Elmhurst) 8pm Friday Sept 17 th 2010

Start of Season week commencing Monday Sept 27 th 2010

Frank Mitchell Trophy Rounds – weeks commencing October 4th 2010, November 1st, December 6th, January 24th 2011, March 14th (semi finals at Elmhurst) - (amended subsequent to the meeting).

The Frank Mitchell Final would be scheduled for Monday 4th April 2011 at Elmhurst

Junior Championships Friday 4th March 2011 at Elmhurst

with no league matches in that week.

Riddell Trophy Young Player Tournament Friday 28th January 2011

Annual Senior and Veteran Championships. The Organiser would seek dates from the Stadium preferably at the beginning of March on a Saturday and would report to the next meeting.

AGM / Presentation Evening 8 pm Thursday May 12 th 2011

Preferably at Foxhills Bowls Centre. (NOTE: Booking subsequently confirmed by Bill McCafferty)

Hard Bat Tournament This would not be held following cancellation in 2010 due to poor support.

It was agreed that if possible fixtures should be made available to Clubs by end of August.


390 TT Balls

It was confirmed that the League would no longer provide tt balls for sale to Clubs as they were easily obtained on the internet.


•  Election of Officers

The position of Vice Chairman had not been filled at the AGM. However the Committee were unable to identify a candidate and agreed that the position remain vacant until a candidate was found.

It was agreed that Terry Holland be invited to become a Vice President and that a gift be presented in recognition of his many years of active support to the League as a League and Club Official, organiser of the Elmhurst Centre and Spring and Summer Competitions and as a player.

Nick Cresswell was re-elected as Coaching Organiser for Aylesbury and John Richardson was elected to a similar role for activities at Tring.

Nobby Tennison would continue to be Welfare Officer.


•  Summer Competitions 2009

The Summer Competition had been completed successfully. Bicester BaD Boys had beaten Cleggs Combo in the Final. The results were published on the website.


•  Elmhurst Centre

David Badham, Nobby Tennison, Dave Bradbury and Michelle Davis were regularly involved in managing the Friday sessions .

Elmhurst would re-open Friday Sept 3rd and operate on Fridays till June 3rd 2011 excepting Xmas, New Year and Good Friday. The Meeting Room would be booked for the Bucks County AGM on Friday June 3rd.

Summer League 2011 dates should correspond with those for this year.


394 Trophies

The Treasurer reported that one Trophy had been replaced at a cost of about £130. He proposed to replace the Frank Mitchell Trophy which was damaged beyond repair. It was agreed in view of the history of this trophy that up to £250 should be spent in replacing it. Brian reported that he had recovered the Riddell Trophy from the Grammar School where it had languished for over two years .It had been presented to the current holder, Aaron Taylor in a ceremony in Tring.


395 ETTA Individual Registration

Brian reported that the membership scheme had been launched following the ETTA AGM at the beginning of July. A few players had already been registered and the League had received direct about two dozen applications. Players were being encouraged to register direct with the ETTA but some players had found difficulties in registering on-line. The easiest option seemed to be by phone to a dedicated ETTA extension number.


396 Junior Teams

On behalf of Elmhurst Juniors David Badham sought a concessionary half rate team registration fee for teams comprised of junior players. The Treasurer spoke favouring retaining the present level of fees which represented the cost to the League and were affordable and representative of the value to the juniors in his opinion. The Committee agreed to make no concession except in the case of hardship.


397 Disability Awareness

John explained that it was proposed to run a course at Tring in the autumn. The course would be taken by an ETTA trainer and was open to anyone who was interested. It was agreed that a note would be put on the League website.


•  Bat Coverings

Brian reported that bat coverings now had to conform to the current ITTF list. This was issued twice a year. It was possible that a bat that was approved at the start of the season could no longer be on the list mid season.


•  Tring Club website

John reported that the website had been reworked for the new season and that interested Clubs were welcome to use the system for free. Tring would host the site..


Next meeting – In the event that an urgent meeting was required this would be at Elmhurst on the evening of the Secretaries' Meeting on September 17 th 2010.



Minutes of the Aylesbury & District Table Tennis League Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 13 th May 2010 at the Foxhills Bowls Club at 8pm.

Present: David Badham, David Ballard, Richard Beckett, Mark Binder, Phil Blind, Jan Carey, Pete Edwards, Steve Everest, Frank Hardy, Chris Hawkes, Terry Holland, Bill McCafferty, Andy Misseldine, Rennell Moore, Roger Mott, John Richardson, Bob Sargeant, Gerry Saunders, Mark Scott, Mick Simmonds, David Stevens, Jim Styles, Tony Tobin, Nick Tyler, Brian Whitehead,

total 25 (quorum 20) including 7 officers (quorum 4).


•  Apologies for absence

Were received from David Bradbury, Alan Cherry, Jan Crompton, Wilf Crompton, Michelle Davis, Andy Eggleton, Tony Greenham, Derek Marlow, Helen Riddell.


•  Unrepresented Clubs



3 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on May 7 th 2009

Adoption of the minutes was approved nem con.


4 Matters Arising



•  Chairman's Report

The Chairman, Jim Styles, thanked Bill McCafferty for arranging for Foxhills to be available for the meeting. He congratulated the League Champions Haddenham A and Trophy winners Bierton on their success. Last season had seen the League continuing with three divisions but with the return of the Frank Mitchell Trophy competition. The revised postponement rule calling for a fortnight's notice seemed to have worked well and despite three interruptions of the fixtures by winter weather all fixtures had been completed within the allowed extension of the season.

Terry Holland would be moving away and therefore retiring from Vice Chairman. He thanked Terry for his many years of active support to the League including 3 stints as Chairman and for his custodianship of Elmhurst in its formative years. He was also pleased to announce that former treasurer Tony Munson was in remission after serious illness.

The Elmhurst Centre table tennis was now stable and running well, the only problem being the difficulty of providing licensed coaches to oversee the training since the introduction of the revised ETTA coaching qualifications. He welcomed the efforts of the Tring Club who now were operating a very successful independent coaching scheme at Tring School.

The Annual Tournament had again been held at the Stoke Mandeville Centre and had been a happy occasion. He thanked David Ballard who had organised this tournament together with the Junior and Riddell Schools Tournaments so successfully and David Badham for maintaining and improving the League Website..

Finally he congratulated Andy Misseldine for retaining the Mens Singles title and Dawn Pearce who had completed the Ladies treble and thanked the team of Officers and Committee for their work towards a successful season..


•  Treasurer's Report

David Ballard reported that the League had accumulated a small surplus of £405 during the season. He attributed this to effective management of Elmhurst which was now self supporting. The financial status of the League was now stable and there were funds in reserve of about £10,000.

He proposed to continue the programme of replacing the trophies which had become urgent.

For the Auditors Gerry Saunders confirmed that the accounts had been satisfactorily audited. He again asked that the Committee give attention to the extent of the League's reserves. He suggested that with the Olympics on the horizon bookings be obtained as soon as available so that parties from the League could visit the table tennis events.


Acceptance of the Report was proposed by David Ballard and seconded by Roger Mott and carried nem con.


•  Election of Officers

The elections were made as follows:-




Proposed by

Seconded by



Bob Sargeant

Jim Styles

Chris Hawkes

nem con

Vice Presidents

all existing

(en bloc)

Brian Whitehead

Jan Carey

nem con



Jim Styles

Gerry Saunders

Brian Whitehead

nem con

Vice Chairman


To be considered at next Committee meeting

General Secretary:

Brian Whitehead

Jim Styles

Bob Sargeant

nem con

Hon Treasurer:

David Ballard

Bob Sargeant

Nick Tyler

nem con

Joint Match secretary

David Badham

Terry Holland

Chris Hawkes

nem con

Registration and Joint Match Secretary

Brian Whitehead

Frank Hardy

Dave Stevens

nem con

Press and Publicity Secretary

Roger Mott

Brian Whitehead

Tony Tobin

nem con

Coaching Organiser


To be reviewed by Committee.

Chris Hawkes expressed an interest

Executive Committee (Retiring Members):

David Bradbury, Michelle Davis, Andy Eggleton, John Richardson, Nobby Tennison

(en bloc)

David Badham

Terry Holland

nem con



8 Election of Auditors

The re-election of Gerry Saunders and the election of Phil Blind was proposed by David Ballard and seconded by David Badham and carried nem con.


9 ETTA Individual Membership

The General Secretary explained that as a result of pressure from Sport England the ETTA had developed a scheme for the individual registration of players. This would be introduced shortly for next season. Players would receive a form via e-mail or through the League to make application to the ETTA. Those who played in a single League would be asked to register through that League whilst those playing in more then one League would be asked to register direct with the ETTA preferably on-line. A fee would be payable (currently to be £5.64, £2.82 juniors) that would cover ETTA costs plus civil liability insurance for players.

So far as Clubs were concerned, at registration with the League they would have to inform whether players were registering direct with the ETTA, with the League or with another league. Fees played to the League would now only cover the League expenses plus affiliation with the County Association. League rule changes were proposed that would bring the Rules in line with the new arrangements.


10 Changes to Rules.

Jim Styles proposed and Brian Whitehead seconded the following two resolutions:-


Resolution One

That the following changes be made to the League Rules


Rule 1.4 Insert “(the ETTA)” and the “(the BCTTA)” after the respective full titles.


Rule 4.1 Amend the second line by adding “if any,” after “….. plus the affiliation fee,”.


Rule 5.1 Amend by adding “League” in front of “registration fee”.


New Rule 5.3

At the time of registration with the League players are required either to give proof that they are registered with the ETTA or to confirm that they have made or are making application to the ETTA for individual registration. Only players who have registered with the ETTA or have made an application to the ETTA for individual registration are permitted to take part in any games organised by the League. Players who have made application for registration are required to inform the League Secretary of the outcome of their application.


New Rule 5.4 (as amended in Committee)

Any player whose individual registration with the ETTA has lapsed or has been terminated or whose application to the ETTA for registration has been rejected will be considered as unregistered and ineligible to play in the League's competitions and any results obtained will be expunged from the League's records.


Rules 5.3 to 5.6 renumbered 5.5 to 5.8.


Resolution Two

That the above Rule Changes be introduced as soon as confirmation is received that the ETTA Individual Membership Scheme is in operation.


Both Resolutions were passed nem con.


11 League Registration Fees

The Treasurer stated that in view of the proposed ETTA Individual Membership Scheme he recommended that the League Registration fee be reduced to £32 per team. If the ETTA Scheme should not be implemented then the fee would remain at £48 per team. This was proposed by David Ballard and seconded by John Richardson and carried nem con.


•  Any Other Business

Bat Coverings:- The Secretary informed the meeting that there was a resolution at the ETTA AGM that bat coverings should be to ITTF current standards. This was expected to be approved. Junior teams:- John Richardson stated that Tring would be running two at least teams of junior players next season and asked that other teams co-operate by volunteering early starts to matches and agreeing changes in order of play to assist early finishes for the minors. The meeting supported the suggestion. An entry would be made in the Handbook.

E-mail:- Jan Carey asked that the e-mail addresses of team captains be included in the handbook. There were mixed feelings on this suggestion and it was felt that e-mail addresses should only be included with the team captains consent.

Aylesbury Disabled Games: - Steve Everest sought support from volunteers in helping with the table tennis event (Saturday 26th June) of the Aylesbury Disabled Persons Games. It was agreed that this would be put on the website.

In the absence of any other business the formal part of the Meeting closed at 9.07 pm.



Brian Whitehead

General Secretary


AGM News


The League's AGM took place on 7 th May at Foxhills Bowls Centre. Jim Styles, The Chairman reported on a successful season which saw Aylesbury Sports A crowned as Champions of the Premier Division for the third year running. Elmhurst took the Title in Division One with Bucks CC D topping a competitive Division Two. Whilst individually Chris Hansell of Sports A topped the Premier averages, Andrew Misseldine from Haddenham A won the Mens event at the Tournament for the second year in a row in an excellent 5 set battle with Chris. Top player in Division One was Bradley Willis (Elmhurst) with Mark Luscombe from Tring F taking the honours in Division Two.

Jim commented on the strong financial position brought about by the careful management of Treasurer, David Ballard. An increased attendance at Elmhurst has been one reason for the improvement in finances, a direct result of the energy and enthusiasm from Nick Cresswell with strong support from Nobby Tennison. The season was rounded off by an excellent tournament on 4 April at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, a venue that proved to be more adaptable and seemed to attract a larger ensemble of players.

The usual formalities were completed with the present officers remaining in place with the addition of John Richardson to the committee. One rule amendment was voted in, that being Rule 8.13 relating to postponement of scheduled matches. Part c which states that The Divisional Match Secretary can only authorise postponement of a scheduled match if there is mutual agreement of the team captains involved now has a rider attached "Provided this agreement is reached and notified to the Match Secretary at least 14 days prior to the scheduled fixture".

In any other business, arrangements were confirmed for the upcoming Hard Bat tournament on 5 June and the Summer League which starts on 11 May, both events at Elmhurst community Centre.

The League's President, Bob Sargeant, presented trophies as follows.

Premier Division Champions: Sports A (Nick Hansell, Mike Atkinson, Chris Hansell, Dave Wackrill)

Runners Up: Bierton (Neil Massa, Michael Wilkins, Steve Allen, Dwayne Brooks, Alex Pratt)

Division One Champions: Elmhurst (Bradley Willis, Brian McMullan, Paul Willis, Pete Hammond)

Runners Up: Ridgeway (Brian Redrup, Eric Dutton, Jeff Amor, Bob Croucher)

Division Two Champions: Bucks CC D (Martin Gillett, Steve Rycraft, Rod Payne, Andrew Willard)

Runners Up: Bucks CC F (Iain Willcocks, Paul O'Connell, John Roper, Paul Hartnell)

Finally, Bob presented two awards under The Cyril Thorne Memorial Trophy for exceptional performances by a player and an administrator. It was unanimously agreed that the Player's award be made to Andrew Misseldine , the Mens' individual tournament winner for the last two years as well as this year's Veterans champion. The award for Administrator was presented to David Ballard for his exceptional work as Treasurer and also for being Annual Tournament Organiser each year as well as organising Riddell Trophy, Junior and Hard Bat Tournaments.